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Commercially produced foods using either pesticides, hormone enhancing drugs (eg. Steroids), antibiotics or other chemicals to improve size, weight and quantity, this is due the large amount of our population demanding more and more food. Some examples of inorganic foods are frozen food (majority of them), fast food (eg. McDonalds, KFC, BurgerKing or known in Australian as Hungry Jacks), legumes such as nuts, potato chips, fruit & veg imported from mass producing countries like China, Japan, many Asian countries and European countries Etc. This doesn't mean that any places I didn't mention produce only organic, because every country produces inorganic food, it's just up to us as consumers to known the difference between organic and inorganic

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Q: What are examples of inorganic foods?
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What are the traditional areas of chemistry?

Examples: - inorganic chemistry - organic chemistry - electrochemistry - foods chemistry

What are examples of inorganic acids?

Examples of inorganic acids are :HCl,H2SO4,HNO3,H2PO3 etc

Examples of inorganic matter and their use?

an example of inorganic matter

What are examples of inorganic carbon?

Carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2) are examples of inorganic carbon.

What is the definition and examples of grow foods?

== == grow foods examples; glow foods examples, go foods examples

What are the disadvantages of inorganic foods?

Impact on health and not healthy

What is inorganic materials examples?

water and metals

What is an example inorganic nutrients?

Inorganic nutrients are essential in the growth of living things. Minerals are the best examples of inorganic nutrients.

Are examples of inorganic nutrients?

Minerals are neither animal nor vegetable, they are inorganic. Almost all foods contribute to a varied intake of essential minerals. Most minerals are easy to obtain in quantities required by the body. Examples are iron, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, iodine, magnesium, zinc and copper.

Examples of semi-perishable foods?

Examples of semi perishable foods

What inorganic molecule is found in foods?

An example of a common inorganic molecule found in foods would be NaCl (salt). Halogens bonded to metals do not fit the definition of organic molecules, thus making them inorganic. Water is another example.

What are examples of hydrogen bonds?

water as an inorganic compound

What are three functions of inorganic salts?

There are many different functions of inorganic salts. Inorganic salts are used to preserve foods and dry out liquid substances for example.

What is the difference between icky processed food and healthy organic food?

Pocessed foods are any foods that foods that are not in their natural state. This includes most foods that are not and some foods that are around the perameter of grocery stores. Some examples are canned foods, frozen foods, condiments, etc. These foods can be organic or inorganic. Organic foods have been grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.

What is the difference between organic or inorganic foods?

The difference between organic and inorganic foods is that an organic food has no pesticides or chemicals used on it to keep the bugs off and out of it. An inorganic food is just the opposite, where as it has many pesticides and chemicals to keep the bugs off and out of of it.

What are some inorganic materials?

Inorganic materials are things that was and is not living. Some examples are: Rocks, water, dirt etc.

Are inorganic nutrients?

Things such as oxygen and water are examples of inorganic nutrients. An example of an organic nutrient would be carbohydrates.

What are the examples of body regulating foods?

the examples of body regulating foods are fruits and vegetabls

What are body regulating foods and what are its examples?

Body Regulating Foods are also considered Glow foods.. examples of these, are the fruits and vegetables.

Examples of chemistry?

- inorganic chemistry - organic chemistry - electrochemistry - radiochemistry - photochemistry - nuclear chemistry - biochemistry - agrochemistry - foods chemistry - polymer chemistry - cosmochemistry - clinical chemistry etc.

What are some examples of dehydrated foods?

Several examples of dehydrated foods are apples, bannanas, and pears.

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examples: hamburger, cake, butter, oil foods, and

How can inorganic foods be determined?

by being non-organic - ononimus geneuse over and out.

What are examples production?


What the example of inorganic substance?

If it does not contain any carbon it is an inorganic substance.If it does contain carbon but is a very simple small molecule or a metallic alloy it is an inorganic substance.Some examples of inorganic substances that do not contain carbon:watersulfuric acidtable saltnitrogenammoniauraniumglassSome examples of inorganic substances that contain carbon but are simple small molecules or metallic alloys:carbon monoxidecarbon dioxidemethane (natural gas)steel