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Segmented worms are worms who have bodies divided into segments. Examples of segmented worms are tapeworms, earthworms, sandworms, leeches and ragworms.

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Examples of segmented worms?

Segmented worms are very common animals all over the world. Examples of these worms are bristle worms, earthworms, and fresh water leeches.

Examples of worms?

Round worms, flat worms, segmented worms.

What are examples segmented worms?

All members of the Annelida phylum are segmented worms. These are more commonly known as earthworms.

What are all the examples of segmented worms?

some examples of worms are:Arenecolaearthwormthese are only a few of thousands of different types of worms.

What are the examples of Annelida?

Annelids are segmented worms. Some examples are earthworms, ragworms, and leeches.

How are segmented worms classified?

how are segmented worms classified

Are ticks segmented worms?

No, ticks are not segmented worms.

What are the major classes Of segmented worms and what are examples of each?

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Is the worm segmented or unsegmented?

Annelid worms are segmented , while round worms flat worms are non segmented .

Do segmented worms have symmetry?

Segmented worms have a bilateral symmetry.

Facts about segmented worms?

What are 10 facts about some segmented worms.

How many legs does a segmented worms have?

0; segmented worms have no legs.

Does a segmented worms have a backbone?

No, segmented worms do not have a backbone, or any bone.

Are segmented worms extinct?

No. Earthworms are an example of segmented worms that are still living.

The segmented worms are classified in which phylum-?

The segmented worms are classified in the phylum Pogonophora.

Are earthworms segmented worms?

Yes, earthworms are segmented. They are members of the phylum Annelida, a classification of segmented worms that is shared with leeches and a variety of marine worms.

Are platyhelminthes segmented?

No. there are three kinds of worms: platyhelminthes- flatworms(not) nemahelminthes-roundworms(not) annelids-segmented worms( segmented)

What are the scientific names of the phylum for flatworms roundworms and segmented worms?

Annelida, segmented worms.

Is tape worms segmented worms?

Tapeworms are segmented flatworms (or platyhelminthes), classified as Cestodes.

Are segmented worms warm blooded or cold blooded?

Segmented worms are cold blooded. All worms are cold blooded.

What is something interesting about segmented worms?

they're segmented...

Were do segmented worms live?

The most common segmented worms, the earth worm, can live anywhere!

Are segmented worms parasitic?

No, because segmented worms don't need a host and aren't harmful

What are the common habitats of segmented worms?

Common habitats of segmented worms are noermally around dirt.

What are three types of segmented worms?

Three types of segmented worms are earthworms, polychaeta, and leeches.

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