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An example of a sterotype is that when my friends and I went kayaking on the river exe we went to a shop where you could hire kayaks and then we went kayaking it was great fun. When we got back we needed to get changed from our wet clothes but the only place to get changed was the public toilets. The public toilets had quite a large area outside the cubicles, but as lots of people would have to come in to use the toilets and there were only three cubicles we got changed in the area outside the cubicles. So we were getting changed, not noisily just chatting, we weren't blocking any sinks or handryers, but this women comes in. There is lots of space for her to get through, my friends parents are just outside and there is a cubicle free for her to use. She sees us and looks at us weirdly, so my friend politely explains that it is the only place to get changed.

Suddenly she starts shouting at us saying that we should not use the toilets for such a purpose, saying that we were prbably taking drugs in there etc etc... So I apologise and then she gets so weird, shouting at us, lecturing us about gun and knife crime, smoking, alcohol, underage pregnancy, all those stereotypes. It's like but I;m against all those things, I hate those things, I would never carry a gun, smoke etc...

I was really annoyed it was like what a sterotypical cow.

I'm quite a calm person (except when I'm writing) so I ask her if she wants us to go outside and get changed in the street.


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What are some examples of stereotypes in movies?

Racial Stereotypes: Danny glover - LW 3 the Japanese kid from goonies Austin powers

What are some examples of non-rasict stereotypes?

Stereotypes about religions, age, gender or sex, disability. None of those are racial.

Give two examples of how stereotypes and labels can be created?

Equality and Diversity

Give 2 examples of how stereotypes and labels can be created?

equality and diversity

What are examples of racial stereotypes in the book The Cay by Theodore Taylor?

give me an example of what sterotyping is

What is a sentence for stereotypes?

Not all stereotypes are true.Some stereotypes are rather hilarious.They live up to all the stereotypes.

What are two examples of people who do not fit common stereotypes?

Senior citizens as grouchy and unemployed individuals as lazy are two examples of people who do not fit common stereotypes. As generalized simplifications based -- in its least obnoxious manifestation -- upon some facts observed regarding some people, stereotypes may be both inaccurate and insulting, as in the case of senior citizens who may be portrayed as lovable grandparents or sour neighbors.

Examples of being stereotyping?

Examples: Negative stereotypes:All Blacks are lazyAll Asians are sneakyAll Latinos are on welfareAll Whites are racistPositive stereotypes:All Blacks are great basketball playersAll Asians are smartAll Latinos dance wellAll Whites are successful

What is a list of high school stereotypes?

Where is it possible to learn about different stereotypes?

Understanding the origins and rationales behind stereotypes can be discovered on the web at many educational sites. Examples of this include Tolerance, Reducing Stereotype Threat, and educational sites like Utah State University.

What are some examples of stereotypical?

Stereotypes are used to group people together into certain groups based on looks, gender, style or interests. Examples include preppy, "druggies," jocks or nerds. Stereotypes separate people which prevents a melting pot of interests or people of different backgrounds. Because of stereotypes, some people are unable to be exposed to new things because they are grouped with the same people and would be looked down upon if they strayed away from the clique.

What are the examples of sexual stereotypes?

Buying dolls for young girls and train sets for young boys. pink for girls blue for boys

Who do stereotypes affect?

Stereotypes affects everyone that is being targeted.

Use stereotypes in a sentence?

All those stereotypes about wearwolfs intimidate me

Do people play into stereotypes?

Believe it or not but yes people do play stereotypes!!

What is a list of stereotypes?

there are many stereotypes. racial/religious/sexual/etc

Do gay people have stereotypes about straight people?

Yes, there are straight stereotypes.

Why are there specific stereotypes of Jewish people?

The reality is there are stereotypes of every religon, and race out there. So if anything it would be odd if there weren't Jewish stereotypes. Not that stereotypes are a good thing in fact quite the contrary. However it is what it is.

What are some examples of non-racist stereotypes?

that someone who is deaf signs that jocks are dumb that glasses means intelligence 3 enough ? x

Can stereotypes be positive?

Yes, stereotypes can definitely be positive, but that does not mean they are true! C:

What are the Stereotypes of the Irish?

Drunks. Stupid. Fighters. Like all stereotypes, these are not true.

What kind of stereotypes were created about the Old West?

what kind of stereotypes were created about the old west

What were the stereotypes of the Victorian Era?

Many gender stereotypes (mainly) as well as social classes.

Why do blacks fulfill their stereotypes?

They do not. In the mind of a racist, anyone they are discriminatory against fulfills stereotypes.

What are some softball stereotypes?

No there are no stereotypes. It's just all about the game and going hard at it.