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What are examples of stereotypes?



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An example of a sterotype is that when my friends and I went kayaking on the river exe we went to a shop where you could hire kayaks and then we went kayaking it was great fun. When we got back we needed to get changed from our wet clothes but the only place to get changed was the public toilets. The public toilets had quite a large area outside the cubicles, but as lots of people would have to come in to use the toilets and there were only three cubicles we got changed in the area outside the cubicles. So we were getting changed, not noisily just chatting, we weren't blocking any sinks or handryers, but this women comes in. There is lots of space for her to get through, my friends parents are just outside and there is a cubicle free for her to use. She sees us and looks at us weirdly, so my friend politely explains that it is the only place to get changed.

Suddenly she starts shouting at us saying that we should not use the toilets for such a purpose, saying that we were prbably taking drugs in there etc etc... So I apologise and then she gets so weird, shouting at us, lecturing us about gun and knife crime, smoking, alcohol, underage pregnancy, all those stereotypes. It's like but I;m against all those things, I hate those things, I would never carry a gun, smoke etc...

I was really annoyed it was like what a sterotypical cow.

I'm quite a calm person (except when I'm writing) so I ask her if she wants us to go outside and get changed in the street.