Amelia Earhart

What are facts about Amelia Earharts marriage?


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Amelia Earhart married George Putman

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Grorge Putnam. Before and after marriage he was also her publicist.

Interesting facts about Amelia Earhart's family might include the fact that Amelia was named after two of her grandmothers. She was called Meelie by her younger sister who could not pronounce her name.

Amelia did not have a brother.

they never found amelia earharts plane but the goverment is planning a search for her in 2013

Amelia was smart, practical and determined.


Her full name was Amelia Mary Earhart.

Amelia Earhart aviotion pioneer

Her mother was Amelia Otis Earhart.

what was Amelia Earhart's early work

It was when she was a child.

Edwin Stanton Earhart and Amelia Otis

Amelia earhart's parents are edwin and Amy Otis.

Amelia Earhart's eye color was BLUE.

Amelia Earhart's mothers name is Amelia "Amy" Otis Earhart.

Amelia Mary Earhart is the whole name. but Mary is the nickname.

Amelia Earharts disappointments were not making it to some of her missions

amelia earharts favorite movuie was , there was no movies back then

Amelia's mother was Amelia "Amy" Otis Earhart

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