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george stephenson is a famous engeneer

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Q: What are facts about George stephenson?
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Where did George Stephenson live?

George Stephenson was born in Wylam, England.

Who invented stephenson's rocket?

george stephenson

What is George Stephenson's birthday?

George Stephenson was born on June 9, 1781.

What was George Stephenson's son called?

rRobert Stephenson

What has the author George Stephenson Browne written?

George Stephenson Browne has written: 'Southern world'

When did George Robert Stephenson die?

George Robert Stephenson died on 1905-10-26.

When was George Stephenson High School created?

George Stephenson High School was created in 1953.

What is the birth name of Kay Stephenson?

Kay Stephenson's birth name is George Kay Stephenson.

Who is George Stephenson famous?

George Stephenson became famous for inventing the safety lamp and steam engine.

What was George Stephenson first steam train called?

It was called Puffing Billy, and is the George Stephenson Museum in Newcastle.

Who are the parents of George Stephenson born in 1781?

Fanny Henderson and Robert Stephenson.

Was George Stephenson's rocket launch in 1821 successful?

George Stephenson did not do a rocket launch in 1821. Rocket was the name of his locomotive.