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Eastern was a Sears trade name. Actual manufacturers included Meriden Firearms, Iver Johnson, or Stevens. If you will tell everything that is marked on the gun, I may be able to identify the exact manufacturer, possibly the model, and estimate the approximate year of manufacture.

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What are facts about LeFever Arms 16 gauge shotguns?

the year this gun was made was 1913. the ds grade is worth $250.00 poor to $1250.00 exe

What are facts about Springfield Arms double-barrel 12 gauge shotguns?

Built c. 1930-1948 by Stevens division of Savage Arms. If in useable condition, possibly worth $200+.

Information about Savage Arms 20 gauge shotguns?


Who made long tom 101.1 12 gauge shotguns?

J. Stevens Arms Company

Who made Eastern Arms shotguns?

Eastern Arms was a Sears Roebuck trade name. Manufacturers included Meriden Firearms, Iver Johnson A&C, Stevens/Savage Arms, and Crescent Firearms.

What years were the J Stevens Arms Company twelve gauge shotguns model 94B produced?

1926 to 1945.

How much is a model 1929 16 gauge single shot from Eastern Arms Co worth?

'1929' is going to be a patent date, not a model number. Eastern Arms Co was not an actual manufacturer, it was a brand name used by Sears on guns they marketed, generally made by the Stevens Arms Co. Value is strictly based on its usability as a shooter, and single-barrel 16ga shotguns will generally sell for less than $100. 1929 is a model number marked on Stevens/Springfield shotguns.

Eastern Arms Company 101.1 20 gauge 94A?

Yes. Question?

Where can you find information about a 20 gauge Riverside single barrel shotgun serial 961yk patented August 12 1913?

Riverside Arms is a brand name used by the J Stevens Arms Co. on many good quality shotguns. The value depends on model, gauge, and condition. There is little collector interest in single barrel shotguns. Information about J Stevens Arms apply to Riverside Arms Co.

What is information about the Beebe Arms Co 12 gauge pump shotgun?

Beebe shotguns were made by one of two two manufacturers. Harrington & Richardson Arms Company made them from 1871 to about 1975. Hopkins & Allen made shotguns from 1868 to 1915.

What is the value of a Eastern Arms 16 Gauge 105-688?


Where can you find information on an Essex 12 gauge shotgun?

ESSEX Tradename used by Belknap Hardware Company of Louisville, Kentucky on shotguns made by Crescent Fire Arms Company. ESSEX Tradename used by J. Stevens Arms Company on rifles and shotguns.

What are facts about Nitro Leader 12 gauge shotguns?

Not sure if this is your gun, but Leader Gun Company was a trade name used on shotguns retailed by the Charles Williams Stores, Inc. of New York. Most likely manufacturer would be Crescent Arms, Norwich, CT. "Nitro" would imply proofed for smokeless powder.

What years were the Washington Arms Co double barrel 12 gauge shotguns produced?

Turn of the centuty give or take a few decades.

How many 20 gauge Essex Gun Works shotguns were produced?

Crescent Fire Arms made millions of similar shotguns with over a hundred different trade names. I doubt if anyone has a good estimate, but there were a lot. 20 gauge will be harder to find than 12s.

Where can you find information on an Eastern Arms Company 410 shotgun model 56051?

I can't find a cross-reference for that number, but Eastern Arms was a trade name used by Sears Roebuck. Most of the shotguns were made by Stevens/Savage.

When was this eastern arms 12 gauge made serial number 364NH?

No published sn data.

Where can you find information about a 16 gauge Springfield Arms Company Chicopee Falls Mass USA double barrel shotgun serial T55970?

Springfield Arms shotguns were manufactured by the Stevens division of Savage Arms from 1920 to 1948.

What year and what gauge is a Mississippi valley arms co serial?

While there are several gun manufacturer\'s that offer serial numbers on their shotguns, unfortunately the Mississippi Valley Arms Co. does not. The year and gauge of the gun would depend on when it was manufactured. For example, Mississippi Valley had numerous shotguns produced by a subsidiary company called Crescent Firearms, while many were imported from Belgium.

What is the value of a 16 gauge Eastern Arms shotgun serial 05925925?

EASTERN ARMS CO was a tradename most often associated with the Sears, Roebuck& Co company in the very early 1900s. The double barrel shotguns were typically Belgian and sold as the low-price line, and the single-barrel guns were typically made by contractors such as Iver Johnson. Value is going to be under $100.

Who sold kessler arms shotguns?

Kessler Arms Corporation

What is a tobin arms 12 gauge worth?

One website that allows people to list used firearms for sale has three Tobin 12 gauge shotguns listed, as of October 2014. They are priced from $399 to $600.

What is the value of a 22 gauge rifle model 15 glen field made by marlin arms co serial 20734339?

FYI- It's .22 caliber, as in .22 of and inch, gauge is for measuring shotguns or wire

Will Browning ever again offer 16 gauge shotguns?

based on the main-streaming tendancies of major arms makers, I seriously doubt it. Too bad!

Where can you find information about an Eastern Arms Company shotgun marked proof tested 16 gauge 1929 model?

Eastern Arms was a brand name sold by Sears Roebuck. The Model 1929 suggests that it was made by J. Stevens Arms Co.