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he is the new Millwall chairman. Come on the 'wall Smokes 7 - 10 cigars a day since the age of 16 and spent

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2005-11-24 16:42:07
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Q: What are facts about Peter de Savary?
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When was Peter de Savary born?

Peter de Savary was born in 1944.

What is Peter de Savary's new project?

Peter de Savary is the new Millwall chairman.

Is Paul de Savary of Home from Home Care the brother of Peter de Savary?

yes he is the youngest brother of peter

When was François Savary de Brèves born?

François Savary de Brèves was born in 1560.

When did François Savary de Brèves die?

François Savary de Brèves died in 1627.

What is the email address to reach Peter de Savary?

Peter de Savary lives in France a couple of miles from my home. I know his postal ( mail ) address but not his email address. I mean to write to him to ask to give a talk on his experiences where I work. I only found out his whereabouts this summer. I have never met him personally. Please tell me what you wish to contact him for :

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When was Daniel Savary born?

Daniel Savary was born in 1743.

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Félix Savary died in 1841.

When was Léon Savary born?

Léon Savary was born in 1895.

When did Léon Savary die?

Léon Savary died in 1968.

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Jacques Savary died in 1690.

When was Jacques Savary born?

Jacques Savary was born in 1622.

When was Gilberte Savary born?

Gilberte Savary was born in 1921.

When did Gilberte Savary die?

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A. W. Savary has written: 'A genealogical and biographical record of the Savery families (Savory and Savary) and of the Severy family (Severit, Savery, Savory, Savary)' -- subject(s): Accessible book 'Savery and Severy genealogy (Savory and Savary)'

When did George Savary Wasson die?

George Savary Wasson died in 1932.

When was George Savary Wasson born?

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When was Emmanuel Savary born?

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