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Egyptians were the people who invented lighthouses.

Lighthouses guide sailors as navigators and as warning systems

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Q: What are facts about lighthouses?
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Why lighthouses spiralled?

Lighthouses are not spiraled, they are towers.

How many lighthouses are in Connecticut?

There are 23 lighthouses in Connecticut.

How many lighthouses does Ohio have?

Ohio has 24 lighthouses.

How many lighthouses are in the coastal plain?

their are currently 1,983,475 lighthouses

What state lighthouses are from?

Nobody actually know when and where the lighthouses were built.

How do you use the word lighthouses?

There are lighthouses all along the coast.

What happened to billingsgate island lighthouses?

Billingsgate Island lighthouses were eroded away.

When was Cape Romain Lighthouses created?

Cape Romain Lighthouses was created in 1857.

What has the author Peter Dow Bachelder written?

Peter Dow Bachelder has written: 'The lighthouses & lightships of Casco Bay' -- subject(s): History, Lighthouses, Lightships 'Lighthouses of Casco Bay' -- subject(s): History, Lighthouses

Which state has no ocean but has has the most lighthouses of any state?

Michigan has the most lighthouses with 120.

How tall are n scale lighthouses?

1/n times the height of the real lighthouses.

How many lighthouses have been built in Dungeness?

Dungeness, a community located in Clallam County, Washington, is famous for its lighthouses. In Dungeness, there have been five lighthouses that have been built.