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What are fairies?

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Fairies are mythical creatures that are said to be mini human-like creatures with wings. They are said to have magical powers and are very small. An example of a fairy is Tinker Bell.

A peculiar fact about fairy stories (recently read a lot of Irish tales) is the fact that they and other mythical creatures (goblins, trolls, leprechauns) have one thing in common, no matter if good or bad: they require people while in their presence not to make the Holy Cross or speak the name of God. So some people consider them as demons or witches that use demonic powers.


A fairy is a mythical creature; a really small humanoid creature who has butterfly-like wings and often magic wands or powers.

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Are there different types of fairies?

There are: water fairies, flower fairies, eventide fairies, forest fairies, snow fairies, summer fairies, fall fairies, winter fairies, spring fairies, rainbow fairies, evil fairies, dark fairies, nature fairies, and just normal fairies.

What are the names of the rainbow magic series?

Rainbow fairies Weather fairies Jewel fairies Pet fairies Fun Day fairies Petal fairies Dance Fairies Music Fairies Sports fairies

Who are the enemies of Faeries?

the enimies of fairies are pixies and no fairies and pixies are not the same thing the enimies of fairies are pixies and no fairies and pixies are not the same thing the enimies of fairies are pixies and no fairies and pixies are not the same thing the enimies of fairies are pixies and no fairies and pixies are not the same thing

How many different kinds of fairies are there?

There are Tinker Fairies (green), Nature Fairies (brown-gold), Water Fairies (Blue), Flower Fairies (pink/red), and Light Fairies (yellow)!

Do flower fairies make you fly?

Some of the fairies can make us fly.The fairies are tooth fairies.

Are fairies real I Believe in fairies I Believe in fairies?

Fairies are a fantasy that are made up in the movies, and in stories.

What are the different types of fairies?

Well, it's just like the 8 elements! There are Snow/Ice Fairies, Fire/Lava Fairies, Water/Rain Fairies, Air/Wind Fairies, Earth/Flower Fairies, Energy/Machine Fairies, Light/Sunshine Fairies, and - finally : Dark/Night/Moon Fairies. Hope you enjoyed!

How many Rainbow Magic book sets are there and what are their names?

There are 12 sets as of right now. 1. The Dance Fairies 2. The Fun Day Fairies 3. The Jewel Fairies 4. The Magical Animal Fairies 5. The Music Fairies 6. The Party Fairies 7. The Pet Fairies 8. The Petal Fairies 9. The Rainbow Fairies (the first and original) 10. The Sports Fairies 11. The Weather Fairies 12. Special Editions

What is the name of a woodland fairy?

Woodland fairies are called sprites. Water fairies are nymphs, and regular fairies are called fairies.

Do fairies live in Australia?

Fairies do live in Australia but most of the fairies live in Amercia. ALL fairies live in your mind.

What is the collective noun for fairies?

The collective noun for fairy is a herd of fairies. A collective noun for 'mystical fairies' is a 'frolic of fairies'.

Do certain fairies represent differant things?

Well, there are different sorts of fairies, there are air fairies, water fairies, earth fairies. So they represent different things by what different type they are, but some fairies are just normal fairies that don't represent anything really.

Do fairies turn humans into fairies?

No. Fairies do not exist and it is impossible to become a fairy.

Are fairies true?

No, Fairies are not real.

Are there fairies in the ocean?

No. Fairies do not exist.

Are there fairies in Albany?

There are fairies everywhere.

Are there fire fairies?

It depends where. In Pixie Hollow, there are no fire fairies. But yes, there are fire fairies.

Are fairies real in real life?

Fairies are deffinetly not real. But butterflies are like fairies.

How many series of fairy books are there?

Funday Faireies Petal Fairies Music Fairies Dance Fairies Rainbow fairies and lots more

What does oberon tell the fairies to do?

He doesn't. It is Titania who orders the fairies around, saying things like "Fairies, skip hence" and "Fairies, away."

How do you see fairies?

Fairies are not real . You can not see them.

Are there African fairies?

Of course there is African fairies

When was The Fairies created?

The Fairies was created in 2000.

What kind of fairies are in california?

There are no such thing as fairies.

Are all fairies real?

No. No fairies are real.

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