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Skinny jeans Vans Billabong tillys the jerk hoop earrings YouTube indie Myspace studded belts gauges

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Q: What are fashion fads and styles 2009?
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What are fashion fads?

Fashion fads are certain styles and and articles or clothing that are in or out

What were the fashion fads in 1998?

There were several fashion fads in 1998 for both men and women. A few of the fads were crop tops, pastel colors, military clothing, and yoga pants.

What are some recent fads in fashion and entertainment?


What are some fashion fads?

never heard! of them keep looking!

What style or styles most popular at a given time is called?


What was the fashion and clothing fads in 1930s?

Anything that was plain and simple, really!

What is an example of idea that moves?

fashion or fads...thats all i know...=]]

Recent fashion fads?

American Eagle, Aeropostale, Forever 21, and Deb's is great for female junior sized fashion.

Fads of the 1970s?

For fashion, this is a hard one. 70s fashion seems to me (wasn't alive then) to be a somewhat mix between 60s hippie chic and 80s disco. Random fads? The Brady Bunch, pet rocks, Barbie.

What is the difference between a fashion trend and fashion?

A fashion trend is recycled consistanly and has staying power which is what fashion is : Fashion refers to an ever changing aesthetic, but encompasses past, current, and future trends. Trends can come from changes in the political, technological, and artistic environment and often repeat themselves. Fads are fleeting and go as quick as they came. Trends are what make up fashion . Fads are of the moment.

What is extreme fashion?

Extreme fashion is a fashion style that has all of these different kinds of styles featured in it.

Going out and in make a sentence?

Fashion fads are always going out and in. It is more customary to say "in and out" rather than "out and in."

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