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here I am just trying to do something for school and pooping is the answer. XD

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How many times can Madagascar fit in the US?

About 17 times

What is the favorite food in Madagascar?

there favoer;hdfhsd fsdflgs dfhgds fsdfgashfd

How do you get past wooing Gloria in Madagascar 2 the game?

Get a new game

What are the types of past government in Madagascar?

French Colony and had the same rules as them

How many times bigger is Madagascar to Ireland?

About 7 times bigger.

Meal times in Madagascar?

I do not know, but Madagascar Mealtime would be a cool show. That would be fun to watch. :)

What is Anna maria de tagles favorite movies?

a bugs life and madagascar

Favorite past time of Bill Gates?

fav past times of bill gates is when he made millions.thats because he is a greedy man. give a thumbs up if its true

Is there dinosaurs in Madagascar?

We'll yes and no there in the dinosaur times

What are some names just the country Madagascar has been known for in the past?

the country Madagascar has been known for is red island,madeigascar.and that's it so far

How much of the Madagascar rainforest has been cut down?

95% in the past 50 years

How many times will Madagascar fit into Australia?

The area of Madagascar is 587 040 sq km. The area of the Australian mainland, without the state of Tasmania, is 7 659 861 sq km. Therefore, Madagascar will fit into Australia 13 times.

What was one of phileas foggs favorite past times?

riding horses and at the same time trying to eat a hotdog. (he likes to set records)

What is Germany's favorite past time?

Germany's favorite past time sport is soccer/ football, like many other European countries.

What type of phrase is Movie-Watching is her favorite past-time?

Movie-watching is her favorite past-time. Is a declarative sentence.

What is the past tense of favorite?

Favorite is mostly an adjective and so wouldn't have a past tense. However, if you are talking about favoriting something on your internet browser (i.e. "bookmarking" something) then the past tense is favorited.

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Is it correct to say your favorite past time or pass time?

It is correct to say "favorite pastime"

What was Miss Maudie's favorite past time?

Her yardwork

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