What are five covalent compounds?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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# Ammonia (NH4) # Carbon monoxide (CO) # Water (H2O) # Sulphur dioxide (SO2) # Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)

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Q: What are five covalent compounds?
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What is the emportance of hygiene to ocupational health and safety?

Structural formular of fIve covalent compounds

What types of compounds are formed by covalent bonds?

Covalent compounds are formed by covalent bonds.

Are covalent compounds soluble in hexane?

It depends on the compound. nonpolar covalent compounds will generally be soluble whie polar covalent compounds will not be.

Is telephone receiver a ionic or covalent compound?

covalent compounds --------- It is inadequate to discuss about a telephone in terms of ionic and covalent compounds.

In what phase are covalent compounds?

Covalent compounds can be solids, liquids or gases.

Is Vaseline ionic or covalent?

Petrol is a mixture of organic compounds. These organic compounds have covalent bonds.

How can you use covalent compounds in a sentence?

Covalent compounds have shared electrons between atoms.

Are you made of ionic or covalent compounds?

Living things are made up of both ionic and covalent compounds.

Is Shares Electrons a ionic or a covalent compounds?

"Shares electrons" is a characteristic of covalent bonds, which form covalent compounds.

What is covalent compounds used for?

Organic compounds have covalent bonds, and these compounds are the basis of life on Earth; the human body is composed of them.

Are melting points of covalent compounds high or low compared to ionic compounds?

Ionic compounds have strong electrostatic force of attraction and hence have higher melting points than covalent compounds.

Which qualities can be used to identify binary covalent compounds?

apex Compounds made from two nonmetals Sharing of electrons