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One fact - there were no ancient Greek Olympic Equestrian Games


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#1. they were the first to hold the very first olympic games #2.

it was in Greece and it was ancient

Ancient Greece had around 100 city states!

Did you know that Ancient Greece was the ones who started the Olympics! Well they did.

The peninsula of ancient Greece was synonymous with a Mediterranean climate. It experienced hot and dry summers.

If you want to find out almost anything about Ancient Greece, go to the box next to answers, type in Ancient Greece, then press GO. Many facts about many topics on Ancient Greece will come up an hopefully you will find your answer in the text that it offers. There are many paragraphs of information given.

the men did not wear anything because they only did it in the summer

that when the Greeks went to school you would usually do mostly PE!

Long jump was started in original Olympics in ancient Greece.

Very good, start of Architecture in Ancient Greece and the simplest order

There are many historic facts about Greece. Here are a few!The Olympics were invented and started in Ancient Greece.Lots of sports you see today were invented in Greece.Greece is located in the southernmost part of Europe.Some say that the Egyptian Pharaoh, Cleopatra, was from Greece.Greek Tragedies are a very common, classic type of play and book.

What are some facts about summer

Thebes is a bustling market town. Thebes is known for its products and wars. Thebes was the birth place of Hercules.

The ode features several parts including the strophe. They were originally seen in Ancient Greece. Horace was a prominent figure in establishing the form.

Well one answer is the yo-yo originated in Greece.

athens is the capital city of greece

it was the first to start Olympics

it started it 605 in greece

the earliest buildings that were built in Greece in the new stone age

there are 301 games in the Olympics

Some Interesting facts about democracy are that Greece and Rome used to be apart of the democratic government.Some Interesting facts about democracy are that Greece and Rome used to be apart of the democratic government.

Some interesting facts about bridges have to do with their history. Bridge structures have existed for about the past 3,000 years. Among the more popular types of bridges are the arch type of bridges, which have been around since the times of ancient Greece.

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