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What are five functions of data communication protocol?

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data security, error control, log information, data formatting,data sequencing.

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What are the five functions of data communication protocol?

These days communication is extremely important. A data communications portal fills five major functions for its users. They are: message, sender, receiver, a medium to receive a transmission, and a portal.

Identify the five components of data communication system?

The five components are sender, receiver, protocol, medium and message

What are the functions of nonverbal communication?

Hand gestures and facial expressions are forms of nonverbal communication.five functions of nonverbal communicationAccentingComplementingContradictingRegulatingRepeating

What are the five major functions of a computer?

Computers have many functions that include processing and storage. Other major functions of a computer are inputting data, output or retrieving data, and controlling devices.

Five applications of a computer in the aviation industry?

Tracking performance Communication Storing Data

The five elements of data communication?

1) receiver 2) sender 3) computer 4) communication device 5) transmission medium

Functions of mass communication?

Mass communication is a means of transmitting or relaying information with the use of mass media like newspapers, televisions and radio by distributing information to a large group of people. Mass communication has five functions namely for: interpretation, lineage, transmission of values, surveillance, and entertainment.

Explain the five components of Data Communication System?

The five components are : 1. Message - It is the information to be communicated. Popular forms of information include text, pictures, audio, video etc. 2. Sender - It is the device which sends the data messages. It can be a computer, workstation, telephone handset etc. 3. Receiver - It is the device which receives the data messages. It can be a computer, workstation, telephone handset etc. 4. Transmission Medium - It is the physical path by which a message travels from sender to receiver. Some examples include twisted-pair wire, coaxial cable, radiowaves etc. 5. Protocol - It is a set of rules that governs the data communications. It represents an agreement between the communicating devices. Without a protocol, two devices may be connected but not communicating.

What a List five major barriers to business communication?

describe five barries of business communication?

What are the five parts of communication?

The five parts of communication include fluency, voice, and articulation. The last two parts of communication are hearing and language.

What are the five types of TPS in business organization and their functions?

what are the five types of TPS in business organisation and their functions

What are five common functions of society?

The five functions of a society are reproduction, sustenance, shelter, management of its membership, and defense.

Five examples of non effective communication?

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Five examples of how the internet is used?

Here are five examples on how the internet is used for communication, storage, running systems, computing data and security surveillance. There are so many other ways through which internet is used.

What are the Five fold functions of nursing?

Five-fold functions of nursing are providing health information to the people, protection of patients' rights, provision of care to patients and helps in the improvement of the health care environment. Nursing also plays a role in making vital health decisions and improves communication for better health care services.

What are aggregations decomposition and generalization in rdbms?

Aggregation: Selecting the data in group of records is called aggregation. There are five aggregate system functions they are viz. Sum, Min, Max, Avg, Count. They all have their own purpose Decomposition: Selecting all data without any grouping and aggregate functions is called Decomposition. The data is selected, as it is present in the table. Generalization: while generalization seems to be simplification of data, i.e. to bring the data from Un-normalized form to normalized form.

What are the 5 C's of communication in the medical field?

THE FIVE C'S OF COMMUNICATION ARE: 1.Complete 2.Concise 3.Clear 4.Cohesive 5.Courteous

Advantages and disadvantages of communication and transportation?

transport and communication only five point of advantages

Explain the protocol architecture?

Protocol architecture or TCP/IP protocol architecture also referred to as the TCP/IP protocol suite is a simple fundamental underlying design which obeys a set of rules and conventions in which communication tasks are to be performed. The communication tasks of the protocol architecture are organized into five relatively independent layers: * Physical * Network Access Layer * Internet layer * Host-to-host, or transport layer * Application Layer In my research to this question it was interested to find out that there were some who consider the protocol architecture to be comprised of only four relative independent layers which are: * Network Access Layer * Internet layer * Host-to-host, or transport layer * Application Layer More information for each layer can be found at:

What is the five functions of criminal law?

The five functions of criminal law is as follow: Felonies Misdemeanors Offenses Treason and espionage Inchoate offenses

Five elements of visual communication?


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it will display the things