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tunes, runes, cuter, prune...

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Q: What are five letter words with a long U vowel sound?
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What are 5 letter words s?

Make a list of words with the vowel sound(at least five words for each vowel)underline the vowel in each word

What are the five letter words starting with a vowel?


What vowel sound is in the word five?

The vowel sound is a long I sound, as in the rhyming words hive, jive, and dive. The E is silent.

What five letter word has the same vowel sound as beach?


What is a five letter word with the same vowel sound as whale?


5-letter words with only one vowel?

Some five letter words with only one vowel are:berthbirchbirthblendblindblondblownbrownchampchickchirpchurnclampclerkclickclockclothclumpcrownditchdrilldrinkdrolldrownfifthflirtfrontgirthglassglintgrassgrindhatchhitchknackknockknownshirtshortslackslantslickslothslumpspellspillsportspurnstampstandstartstringthingthirsttrust

What does the sun do and is a five letter word with a same vowel sound as kite?


What are some words that start with the short vowel sound of the letter O?

Obstetrics, Optimum, Obtuse, Oddly, Omnipotent - there's five to keep you going !

Five words with schwa in initial syllables?

About, asleep, attack, apology, another. A schwa is the neutral vowel sound like the vowel in 'the'.

Does five have a long or short vowel sound?

The I in five is a long vowel sound, created by a silent E. It rhymes with dive and hive.

What kind of vowel sound is indicated by the five unmarked vowel letters?

Short :)

What five letter word has the same vowel sound as the 'a' in 'whale' where all letters are small except the second letter is tall?


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