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tunes, runes, cuter, prune...

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Q: What are five letter words with a long U vowel sound?
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What are 5 letter words s?

Make a list of words with the vowel sound(at least five words for each vowel)underline the vowel in each word

What vowel sound is in the word five?

The vowel sound is a long I sound, as in the rhyming words hive, jive, and dive. The E is silent.

What are the five letter words starting with a vowel?


What is a five letter word with the same vowel sound as whale?


5-letter words with only one vowel?

Some five letter words with only one vowel are:berthbirchbirthblendblindblondblownbrownchampchickchirpchurnclampclerkclickclockclothclumpcrownditchdrilldrinkdrolldrownfifthflirtfrontgirthglassglintgrassgrindhatchhitchknackknockknownshirtshortslackslantslickslothslumpspellspillsportspurnstampstandstartstringthingthirsttrust

Does five have a long or short vowel sound?

The I in five is a long vowel sound, created by a silent E. It rhymes with dive and hive.

What five letter word has the same vowel sound as the 'a' in 'whale' where all letters are small except the second letter is tall?


What kind of vowel sound is indicated by the five unmarked vowel letters?

Short :)

What five letter words have the same vowel sound as Kite?

The rhyming words are fight, light, might, night, right, sight, tight, and with the same spelling white, write, trite, smite, and quite. The long I sound also appears in words such as fried, guide, pride, style, trial, child, and many other 5-letter words.

What five letter word has the same vowel sound as great?

Exactly the same sound is seen in the homophone grate, and in the rhyming words crate, slate, and plate. It is the long A (ay) sound. The long A sound and silent E are also seen in words such as blade, crave, plane, and trade, and the long A is also in AI words such as drain, frail, and waist.

Five letter word which flies in the sky with vowel sound same as in whale?


What is a five letter word with no vowels?

There are many five letter words with no vowels. Crypt, Cysts, Dryly, Flyby, Glyph and Gypsy are some examples. If you don't consider Y a vowel!