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As described on the website, well known aphrodisiacs include asparagus and avacados and seafood like mussels, escargot, shrimp, smoked salmon as well as chocolate and fruit. Source:

You can also get inspriation on how to plan an aphrodisiac dinner with this great how-to:

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Q: What are foods rich in aphrodisiac?
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What are the aphrodisiac food?

There really aren't any actual "aphrodisiac" foods.

What are types of aphrodisiac's?

There are a wide range of foods that have been considered to be aphrodisiacs. Some of the foods that fall in this category are strawberries, oysters, chocolate, avocado, almonds, asparagus and even bananas.

What acts as an aphrodisiac for women?

An aphrodisiac for women is a lot of choices. One key aphrodisiac is chocolate.

What is the best female aphrodisiac?

what is = aphrodisiac?" =

Can some foods give you a boner?

Although some foods are said to be aphrodisiac, sexual arousal usually takes hormonal influence. Some foods may cause a placebo effect. In other words, if you think they will have a certain effect, they will.

How do you Use the word aphrodisiac in a sentence?

That alone was an aphrodisiac to Josie.

When was Aphrodisiac - song - created?

Aphrodisiac - song - was created in 2012.

Is rabbit an aphrodisiac?

Yes rabbit meat is considered to be aphrodisiac

What is go foods for?

go foods are rich in carbohydrates

How do you use aphrodisiac in a sentence?

some say that conversation is the best aphrodisiac

Which vegetable is best to increase sexual power?

Aphrodisiac foods - water melon, oysters, salmon fish, garlic, almonds, cabbage, mush rooms, etc.,

What foods do not digest in your body?

Rich in Carbohydrate foods like Bread!