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What are forest sprites?

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Where can you find Sonic the Hedgehog sprites?

Go on google and type in sonic spritesit will then say under sonic sprites the mysticalforest=)well if you go to the you can find sprites for just about any sonic character you can think of

What is a word for magical people of the forest that starts with s'?

Sprites, perhaps.

Where can you download Sonic sprites?

The Mystical Forest Zone is one of the best websites for Sonic sprites. The Spriter's Resource is also a good website, and has many Sonic spritesheets.

What sprites are used in Super Mario Brothers z?

The nomal ones that are in the Spriters resource (nintendo section) and the ones in the mistical forest zone, you can get a lot of the sprites but most are costom made. Spriters resource mistical forest zone axem ranger X sprites hope that helped

Where can you find sprites of specific non-video game characters?


What are Sonic sprites?

Sprites are graphics that are ripped from video games, mostly from older such. These sprites can be used for comics, animation or games. Sprites usually come in a big sheet of sprites with a background color like green or blue, to make it easy to separate the sprites from the background. Sonic sprites are sprites that are ripped from a Sonic the Hedgehog game. You can see Sonic sprites in action in flash animation on the net, for example in the Super Mario Bros Z series on

What music video has a band playing a piano on a river at night and the woodland sprites are coming out of the forest around them?

Keane - Somewhere only we know

How do you find spiderwick real sprites?

Sprites are not real.

What are the release dates for Johnny and the Sprites - 2005 Sprites Snow Day?

Johnny and the Sprites - 2005 Sprites Snow Day was released on: USA: 1 December 2007

Which fairy characters have green dresses?

Sprites - although they aren't technically fairies. Fairies are sprites but not all sprites are fairies.

Where can you get single Sonic sprites without a whole sheet of sprites?

You could always take one sprite from the sheet of sprites.

Can you add sonic sprites from the mystical forest zone to sonic fgx?

it's impossible of doing that because i have done the experience but when i did it the characters downloaded was not moving.

How do you get Sonic Sprites?

type in Sonic sprites and you will see a word under called click it and your there

Where can you find Pikmin sprites?

Since the Pikmin games do not use sprites, they are none to be found. There may be unofficial custom sprites, though.

Where can you find Digimon World dawndusk sprites?

Use the Sprites Resource

Island sprites on Harvest Moon DS?

There are no sprites specific to the island.

Where do I get Maple Story Sprites?

You can get Maplestory sprites from Bannedstory or

How do you get sprites in harvest moon ds?

harvest sprites are freed by doing work

Can I play Johnny and the sprites games.?

Yes. I can play Johnny and the sprites games.

When was Twinkle Star Sprites created?

Twinkle Star Sprites was created in 1996.

How do you put Pokemon sprites on pivot?

on pivot press file and then there will be a option saying insert sprites and you would be able to put in any sprites you want.

Where can you find weapon sprites for Pivot 3.0?

One of the places to get Some pivot weapon sprites is then you look up sprites in the search engine....

What are Pokemon sprites?

Pokemon Sprites are the little Pokemon Images used within the Console games. You can get some Pokemon sprites from here

What are the release dates for Johnny and the Sprites - 2005 Johnny and the Sprites Shrink Johnny's got to Dance?

Johnny and the Sprites - 2005 Johnny and the Sprites Shrink Johnny's Gotta Dance was released on: USA: 29 March 2008

How do you get gears of war sprites?

Do a image search on Google and type in Gears of war sprites