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for me the somewhat paradoxical: reactionary, progressive, material, and g(r)asping

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Aboriginal youth in todays society?

of course

Why is Tanzania important to todays society?

Tanzania is very important to todays society because, my college textbook told me that they import food to lazy fat americans

How did the fashion of 1960s change todays society?

Todays Fashion is more attractive and revealing then the fashion of 1960s.

What are current advancements in todays society?

mobile phones

Is being a prophet to hard in todays society?


How is the epic of Gilgamesh similar to todays society?


How has the underground railroad impacted todays society?

The underground railroad has lead to the spread of African American people around the country. It has also contributed to the presence of an African American population in Canada.

How does the internet influence the environment?

how has the internet influenced todays society?

What were the Aztecs contribution to todays society?

pape clothec chyug

What impact did Abraham Lincoln have on todays society?

He stopped slavery.

Why is James Chadwick important in today's society?

James Chadwick is important in todays society because he discovered that atoms contained sub-atomic particles known as neutrons. This theory is accepted in the model structure of the atom in todays society

How did Justinian's Code affect today's society and laws?

it had a good impact on todays society silly gooses.

What were Ibn Battuta's effects on todays society?

he made americans not racist

What would be the equivalent to a pyramid in todays society?

a really large tombstone

What is justice like for the average person todays society?

it was preety . wierd

Why is Peter Lalor still relevant in todays society?

He is part of our history.

Define moral reasoning in todays society?

moral reasoning in today's society would be knowing what is right and wrong and applying the right for the good of the society

How did John Locke affect todays society?

Locke was a crazy zebra HORUSSLE

How is cinnamon used in todays society?

its used in spices,foods,and schools for science

How many aborigines?

there are many aborigines there are about a few thousand alive in todays society

The Trojan war in todays society?

Part of the entertainment industry (Hollywood films).

What puritan beliefs exist in todays society?

The belief in American culture that one should not display one's wealth has its roots in Puritan beliefs. The Puritan belief in the 'work ethic' also still manifests itself in American culture.

Why are roman roads important to todays society?

because then we can travel for a bit a sumn sumn

How did the middle ages government effect todays society?

It hasn't except to show what not to have as government.

Is it cheaper to dry laundry at home or at the laundry mat?

cheaper to do at home in todays society.