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Q: What are four fundamental quantities used in measurement?
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What are the three fundamental dimensions used in Physics?

Length, mass, and time are the three fundamental dimensions on which the measurement of all physical quantities is dependent.

What are the fundamental devices used for the seven fundamental quantities?

There is no such thing as these "fundamental devices".

What are the 7 fundamental quantities of measurement?

The seven fundamental quantities used in chemistry are the quantities and units that include length in meters, time in seconds, mass in kilograms, temperature in Kelvin degrees, chemical amounts in moles, and electrical charge in coulomb. This measurements are given in meter or SI units.

What is difference between base quantity and derived quantity?

Base quantities (Scalar Quantities) :Independent quantities who have single standard units.- time /seconds-distance/metersDerived Quantities (Vector Quantities):Quantities derived by multiplying or dividing 2 base quantities.- Velocity = distance/timeunit of Velocity = m/s

What are fundamental qualities?

The fundamental qualities in physics refers to the quantities of measurements commonly used. These include length, heat, time, luminosity, amount of substance, mass and electric current.

What are the terms used indicating four fundamental operation?

They are addition, subtraction, division and multiplication

What are the four fundamental operation used in mathematics?


Where did the weight measurement stone come from?

The English used to use actual stones as weights to place in balances to weigh large quantities of materials.

What is standard method of measurement used for?

The Standard Method of Measurement is used for the measurement of construction works. It gives guidelines as to what should be measured for various parts of the construction process. It allows for estimators to measure works in a standard format for easy preparation of a Bill of Quantities nad easy comparisson of tenders.

What is the instrument used to make the measurement of Wind chill?

No single instrument can measure both of those quantities.

What are four items used for measurement?

There are several tools used for measurement. Rulers are used to measure inches and centimeters. Scales are used to measure weight. Measuring cups are used to measure cups and ounces. Measuring spoons are used to measure teaspoons and tablespoons.

What do you mean by the term quantity?

quantities which are not mademade from major quantities