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What are global winds and local winds?


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global winds are winds that blow over long distances.local winds are winds that blow over short distances.

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Actually it is very important to have both local winds, and global winds. Becuase each helps earth and everything on it a lot...

Global Winds are the current speed of the jet stream, while Local Winds is the current wind speed for a certain location.

Land breezes and sea breezes are examples of local winds.

local winds-are winds that blow over short distances caused by unequal heating of the earths surface in a small area. global winds-are winds that blow around the earth from the north pole to the south pole.

Local winds are caused by small convection currents and global winds are caused by large convection winds. All wind is caused by the uneven heating of Earth's surface, which sets convection currents in motion.

Monsoons Global winds Local winds

local wind is over a shrot and golbe is all over the world

Local winds are caused by unequal heating within a small area.Global winds are created from all around the Earth due to breezes that make Wind. See

The two main types of wind are Local winds and Global winds.

it is what it sounds like. Global is big and throughout the world were local is were u r at. You can go deeper into it but this is the general assumption.

Are caused by differences in cloud cover

Because some people could be mean

They both have covection currents and effect the weather

Global can affect anyone in the world while local is just in your area.

There are two types of winds. These are namely the local wind and the global wind. The local winds are created as a result of scenery such as vegetation and water bodies. Global winds, on the other hand, are created as a result of the earth's rotation.

The combination of convection cells found at every 30 degrees of latitude and the Coriolis effect produces patterns of air circulation called global winds. Local winds blow from any direction and move short distances. Local winds are caused by unequal heating within a small area.

Local and global winds happen on earth.

The answers in 1 Direction.They rule

all types of global winds are north winds, south winds, east winds. west winds, and western winds

No, because local winds are only in small areas while prevailing winds are global. Some things are the same, like their both caused by the uneven heating of the Earth.

Trade winds,Westerlies,and Easterlies are examples of global winds.

Yes global winds are constant.

Thermal energy is transferred by global winds.

Global winds are caused by ocean currents.

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