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Low fps (200-250) spring guns always wear eye protection.

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Q: What are good airsoft guns for 11 year olds?
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Are airsoft guns okay for 10 year olds?

It matters. I say 10 year olds shouln't use the super powerful ones. It matters on the. I started shooting a when I was 9. Always wear eye protection!

What year were airsoft guns invented?

Airsoft was invented in japan in the 1970s

Are airsoft guns a good chioce for 12 year olds?

here is a link for some guns you might be interested in for your first gun: have low FPS so that you won't hurt anyone and are mostly plastic so it wouldn't be too heavy for you.

Are airsoft guns safe for 11 year olds?

if you are over 18 then you can purchase the gun for them yes. but it is frowned upon. Airsoft is a sport for mature adults Partially correct. It's a game for adults and teens/pre-teens. I see younger kids playing airsoft. I play airsoft and paintball. It's perfectly legal in SOME states/countries to get airsoft guns for 11 year olds. They just can't buy the guns themselves. They must have an adult present.

What should you get an 11 year old boy?

You should get him a CD of his favorite band or if you know he has an iPod then get him a itunes gift card. Paintball and airsoft guns are good.

Can 15 year olds buy airsoft bullets?

I know at Academy Sports you have to be 18 years or older.

Should 11 year olds be allowed bb guns?


Gas powered airsoft guns in cold weather?

You can play airsoft in any weather. has Ghillie suits and vests to keep you warm in the cold so you can play airsoft at anytime of year. Check out for airsoft accessories and guns.

Are airsoft guns safe for an 11 year old?

yes as long as you wear a mask or safety glasses

Is airsoft safe for 10 year olds?

Most definitely not. Airsoft is designed and actually, by law in some areas, for 16+. The responsibility factor and safety factor really make this a more mature sport.

Would a 10 year old who likes war like airsoft guns?

Airsoft guns are a distractive weapon in the world. when a 10 years old i am facing many problem.then i am faced airsoft explotion .then this time every people want to save there life.I am saved my life.ITprovide huage sound

I am 16 and my dad won't let me get airsoft guns because he doesn't believe in guns I have done research to help prove my point but he still hasn't changed his mind what can I do to convince him?

tell him you need a airsoft gun because you are joining the army next year and you need the practice