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Well it is the 21st century so you don't really want to name your child Jillian jean, Henrietta Mary, Cecil, Noreen etc. good names in this century would probably be Abbi Isabel phoebe, Miley, Shannon, Cody, Ella, Eloise, Sophie, Malia, Jessica, Hannah, Rhiannon, Zoe, Lauren, Alice,Ciara, Morwenna and loads more .In my opinion the best names in that list are Zoe, Phoebe or Isabel if i were you i would go for Zoe because it is a very nice name and it is quit rare.

Some of the best names you can call your daughters may be like these: Abias, Coox, Mydedo, Chingchang, Aimo, Zome, Fuit, Lazina, Adicta, Stupy, Nasta, Loonme, Kelib, etc.

My favorite names are Abigail (Abby), Ellie, and my own name, Jezebella (or Jezebel) i love my name because it is so unique and beautiful. i get compliments about it all the time from all age ranges of people.

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Q: What are good baby names for a girl child?
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People make lists of baby girl names by just thinking of all the names they like that are good names. Then they can write them down so they can remember them.

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Baby girl Indian mythological names startg from Pe or Po?

good names

What is a good name for a child in India?

I like the names Penajambi and kanani (girl names)

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girl: shelly boy: hector

What are some good spanish names for a baby girl?

Catherina, Caterina, Rosanna

What is the gender of Good Luck Charlie baby?

girl Its a boy and it names is Toby. It a cute baby!

I need a list of girl baby names.?

To find a list of names and girl's good to have a recommendation to visit multiple pages in Internet naming the girl or you can ask several people, but online there are many names.

What is the meaning of the baby girl name Cherity?

The meaning of the baby girl name Cherity is benevolent, goodwill, and loved. This is not a common baby name but would be good for a child that is calm.

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Below are some baby names meaning angel.

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I know of two names that sound good. Boy: Ethan Girl: Ellen

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What are some titles of the best rated child and baby name books?

A great baby name book is The Complete Book of Baby Names. It is the most up-to-date baby name book. The book has over 100,000 baby names. Another good rated book is 25,001 Best Baby Names.

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Tohru if its a girl, Kyo if its a boy.If you want American names girl is trinaty boy is derric.

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Well it depends on what you like, if it's a boy or girl and what do you think your child will think of the name as they get older. A name like Sunshine or Rainbow wouldn't be a good choice for when the child is older. Most names vary on what country that the children and parents live in, also pronunciation may vary.

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Marianela is a good name if the mother name is Mary or Maria it just works

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An outlet mall is a good place to buy a baby book. Online shops such as amazon or eBay is sure to have some as well.

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Is Elena a good name for a girl?

Every name is beautiful because I will not give you my oppinion!! But Elena is what I will name my child if I have a baby girl when I grow up!

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girl boy Jenna Justin Jaycee Jacob

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Its up to you how will you name your baby, but it is better if the name has a a good and nice meaning. Check out some books that shows the meaning of the names..