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What are good excuses?

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2012-08-12 19:01:54

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Good Excuses are hard to come by. If you need a truly good excuse

for any given situation, here are some good "all purpose"


"My cell phone was set to silent mode and I use it as my

alarm clock, so it went off on time but I didn't hear it to wake


"It was like that when I found it"

"I got pink eye from my Niece/Nephew and it's highly

contagious. I need to stay home today so I don't spread it around


i have 4 homework asignments to do!! sorry. i can't come

until i finished them but that will be ages..

Im going into town today for dinner with my


my cat just vomited

my guitar string broke

I have dance class or gymnastics ect that week but sorry hope this


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