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What are good question to ask your girlfriend?

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Any question of which you don't already have a preconcieved answer that you know would be confrontational.

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What is a good question to ask your girlfriend?

Questions should serve useful purposes. A good question to ask is a question to which you would like to know the answer.

What will be my answer if my girlfriend ask me that What you can do for me?

If your girlfriend asks the question, What can you do for me, a good answer is, I can protect you and hour heart from intruders and harm and promise to cherish and appreciate you for all that you are.

Interesting Question to ask a girl?

if u meen as a girlfriend ask her about what she likes if u would like to discuss this question ide be happy to. good luck with your gal.x.

How do you know if you're a good lover?

If you have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend, it's generally a good idea to ask them if you want to know. However, this may be considered to be a slightly strange question to ask...

Why did scream call Sidney girlfriend?

because he was going to ask her a question because he was going to ask her a question

What question to ask you girlfriend to see if she loves you?

Do you love me?

Good way to ask a girl to be your girlfriend?

take her to a special place and then ask her "will u be my girlfriend'? and then kiss her

What if your girlfriend ask you a secret question?

Well tel her ask you. And if she said it's a secret question then trust her if you love her.:)

Does she look at you the way I do?

Awww! That be a good question to ask your crush when he is dating someone else :) <3 I am going to do that to my crush ( he has a girlfriend :( )

How do you start talk with your girlfriend?

Ask her a question! Or tell her she is beautiful!!

Good questions to ask your girlfriend?

how stupid are you what if your girlfriend found you asked this on the internet

Does yon gonzalez have a girlfriend?

Good question...

What should you call your girlfriend?

I'd ask your girlfriend's friend that question.

Can i be mindless behavior's and diggy simons girlfriend?

You really have to ask that question from them.

What are good questions that a guy should ask his girlfriend?

Is she married?

What do you ask your brother about his girlfriend?

do she have a good education, is she pretty,who is her psrents,were is she from,

Does nick wheeler from have a girlfriend?

# yes, he does # dont ask question about peoples lives!!!!!

What question should you ask to a new girlfriend?

What is a good question to ask a girl?

Ask how her day was!

Can you end an introduction with a question?

yes you can but after you ask the question you can not answer it but a good idea is to ask the question again in you conclusion

Who is Sebastian girlfriend in black butler?

Sebastian Michaelis does not have a girlfriend in Black Butler.

How do you ask a Fkin Question?

thats a good question.

If a girlfriend ask me this question do you have any problem with your wife which best answer can i tell her?

The question should be" Why Do I Have A GIRLFRIEND when I am MARRIED?" The vows of marriage are another one of things nowadays that are taken lightly.

What questions should i ask my girlfriend?

things that she would be interested in. if you dont know that just ask her that there you go, one question.

Why is your girlfriend prego?

If you need to ask such a question then the reason is because you are both extremely foolish.