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What are good senior pranks?

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get some dog poo then cover it with paper, put it on someone's doorstep then set it on fire. then ring the door bell and run and hide. when they answer the door the person will stamp on the fire to put it out but will be covered up to their ankles in poo !!

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Who started senior pranks?


What are the release dates for American Chopper Senior vs- Junior - 2010 Best Pranks 2-21?

American Chopper Senior vs- Junior - 2010 Best Pranks 2-21 was released on: USA: November 2011

What are some good pranks for girl scout camp?

You should not do pranks in camp you will get kicked out.

What is a good TV show for pranks?


It is good to play a prank with your friends or parents?

It can be good if your family and friends play pranks on others. However, pranks can be used as a form of bullying. As long as it is good-natured and everyone enjoys it, then it is not a problem.

What are good pranks to prank parents with?

Jackass pranks if you want to get them mad, look up jackass bam margera pranks parents, or you could always go with something classic like selefane over the toilet seat to get a good laugh and not get in trouble.

Anyone know any good pranks you could do on a friend?

=== ===

What are some good wizard 101 pranks?

delete system 32

What are some good pranks to pull on your girlfriend?

try telling her you are moving

Where can someone find great ideas on good pranks for kids at Halloween?

One can find many Halloween pranks for kids online. There are over thousands of videos on YouTube that show and describe some pranks that people can perform on Halloween.

What are some good locker room pranks?

* Locker room pranks have been noted to get out of hand much like 'hazing' in colleges. Therefore, to give you ideas to pull a prank isn't a good idea.

Where can I get good information on senior all-inclusive deals?

I am a fun-loving senior. Where can I get good information on senior all-inclusive deals?

What are good classroom pranks?

fill glue bottle with yogurt, drink "glue"

How do you make sentence using pranks?

She Always Pranks me

What would be a good awareness stratergy for senior citizens?

a good awareness first aid strategyfor senior citizens & illitrates a good awareness first aid strategyfor senior citizens & illitrates

How can you scare your dad?

There might be a few pranks to try. What I do sometimes is I hide some place that my dad dose not expect me to be. It dose not work ALL the time but it works!

What are some good videos of people doing computer pranks?

Search google images

What are some good camping pranks that are scary?

Nocturnal snipe hunting is always a hit.

What are good songs for pranks on club penguin?

Anything kind of funny, or the opposite of what the message is.

What is the duration of Pink Pranks?

The duration of Pink Pranks is 360.0 seconds.

What are good pranks to do at slumber parties?

touch each other inappropriately while youre asleep

What are good revenge pranks?

If they're going outside drop water balloons at him/her on they're roof.

Good pranks to play on girls?

Put itching Powder in their Knicker drawer when they're in the loo

What is the name of the TV show where people prepare pranks to friends?

Walk the prank is a good show.

Any good pranks to play on my brother when he's not home?

well you can put syrup on his bed

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