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i can be addendum the plural for it is addenda

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Q: What are hard words that has a plural?
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What words do not change when plural?

A few words that are identical whether singular or plural are:sheeptroutoffspringspeciesaircraftdeermoosesalmon

How do you make words plural?

There are certain rules for forming different words into their plural form.

Is words per minute singular or plural?


How do you explain words that are plural?

Words that are plural mean there are more than 1 of something. Some words that are meant to be plural don't change like the word, "moose."

What are the words that do not change when in plural form?

A list of English words that are the same singular and plural are:aircraftdeerglassesmoosenewsoffspringpantsscissorssheepspeciessalmontrout

What is the Plural of and?

There is no plural form, not all words can be plural, and thus ends up being 'and'.

How many words can be made out of the word because?

Words that can be made using the letters from "because" include:basebebeebees (plural)cabcaseceasecubcubs (plural)cuecues (plural)causeeasesaucescabseasecseesubsubs (plural)sueususeUSA (abbreviation)

What plural words end singular and plural?

Examples of plural nouns with plural endings:parentsparkshot dogslawyersneighborhoodstomatoesExamples of plural nouns with irregular plural forms: childrencitiesgeesemediamenteeth

What the plural form lunch?

The plural of lunch is "lunches" No words form the plural lunch as it isn't a plural itself

What are theGreek words ended 'on' in singular and changing to 'a' in plural?

what are the greek words end by 'on' in singular and change to 'a' in plural?

What is the plural word?


Words that end in z made plural?

To form the plural of words that end in "z," we usually double the "z" and add "es." For example, the plural of "buzz" is "buzzes." The plural of "whiz" is "whizzes."

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