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Homes in Zambia are usual vey small and people live with extended family memebers.

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Q: What are homes like in Zambia?
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What are people like in Zambia?

The native people of Zambia are friendly, likeable and hard working.

How do people in town get water in Zambia?

Most towns have water wells and water is pumped from these to a filter plant and then to homes.

What buildings look like in Zambia?

Buildings in Zambia look much like they do in any other country, but not many sky scrapers.

What is life like in Zambia?

First Answer: Zambia is a poor country in south Africa IMPROVED : life is not bad in Zambia and not all parts are poor. That is a stereo type. I am a zambian and proud.

What are the schools like in Zambia?

they dont have very many schools

Is Zambia in Angola?

No Zambia is not in Angola. Zambia is to the East of Angola.

Do they have pasta in Zambia?

Yes. But it is not like the kind of pasta we currently have in America.

What is the source of River Zambezi?

Mwinilulga in Zambia

How does Zambia travel from place to place?

The Republic of Zambia doesn't move but it's citizens move about on foot, by bicycle, bus or train like most people.

Who is Zambia's king?

Zambia has no King.

Is Zambia a city?

No. Zambia is a country.

What did olmec homes look like?

like homes from the gruomd up