What are hot keys for copy and paste in Windows applications?

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Copy: Press and hold CTRL key and then press C key Cut and Copy: Press and hold CTRL key and then press X key Paste: Press and hold CTRL key and then press V key
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How do you copy and paste a song onto Windows Movie Maker?

Make sure Windows Movie Maker is open in the Time-line view. Then locate the audio file you want to use. Copy it. Right-click on the Music/Audio track and paste. . Note: It

How you copy past from key board?

Highlight the desired text and press Ctrl + C. Click the place where you want the text to be places and press Ctrl + V.

Where are the Copy Cut and Paste commands located in windows?

If you mean windows the operating system, it depends on the program, but normally the key combinations are control-c for copy, control-v for paste, and I forget the one for cu

How do I paste a URL in a browser window that was copied from email?

by *right clicking mouse in the URL window in your browser ( options menu will show) and then selecting paste. *mouse settings preferences may have been changed by the comp

How do you copy and paste on a windows computer?

You right click and click on the word copy and then go to the page you want the link on and right click again and this time click paste and your done i know im awsome
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What shortcut keys will copy and what shortcut keys will paste?

Be sure to highly the text you want to copy and paste. Once you'rethere, be sure that you press the following keys at the same time: Copy = Ctrl + C Paste = Ctrl + V You can
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How do you enable cut copy paste in Windows 7?

You can use all the standard methods like the shortcut keys Ctrl -X, Ctrl - C and Ctrl - V or use the shortcut menu and pick theoptions from the menus.