What are humans?

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Humans are people. The noun 'human' (plural 'humans') is a word for a member of the species Homo sapiens; a bipedal primate mammal distinguished by a greatly developed brain with capacity for speech and abstract reasoning; a human being.

And they are also YOU.

The word 'human' is also an adjective.

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What are the most top ten endangered animals?

1. Humans 2. Humans 3. Humans 4. Humans 5. Humans 6. Humans 7. Humans 8. Humans 9. Humans 10. Humans We are all going to die.

Does psychology study humans or animals?

humans ;) humans ;)

Are computers humans?

computers are made by humans for humans

Why do humans have bodies?

Humans do not have bodies humans ARE bodies.

What attracts humans to other humans?

good personality makes other humans attracted to humans

What is a mammal's relationship to humans?

Humans are mammals - all humans. However, not all mammals are humans.

Do humans bark?

humans don't have the same kinetic imformation that humans do. humans are more mature.

What is the top whale killer in the world?

Humans ,humans ,humans

Are humans amphibians?

no. humans are mamals that is true no humans are mammals.

Can animals give birth to humans?

Actually the answer is yes. Humans are animals and humans give birth to humans.

Which mammal killed the most humans?

The answer is humans. We humans, as we are mammals as well, kill the most humans in wars and such.

Which mammal has killed the msot humans?

Humans are the mammal that has killed the most humans. trillions of humans were killed in wars over the ages so ya humans are the mammal to kill the most humans.

What can eat humans?


What is the suborder of humans?

The Order of Humans is PrimatesThe Suborder of Humans is Anthropoidea

Were humans dogs?

no humans were apes that had over time evolved to humans

Are humans acute or obtuse?

Neither. Humans are not angled; humans are not lines.

What is the probability that an offspring will be male?

For humans, approximately 0.52For humans, approximately 0.52For humans, approximately 0.52For humans, approximately 0.52

Can humans mate with humans?

Yes, humans can mate with humans and produce viable fertile offspring. This is the function of the reproductive tract.

What is the biggest threat to humans?

Humans and human activity are the biggest threat to humans.

Why are humans clever?

Why Humans Are CleverHumans are clever because they have access to WikiAnswers!

Can Squirrels eat Humans?

No, they cannot. They can bite humans, but they can't eat humans.

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Are penguins a danger to humans?

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Are humans invertebrates?

No , humans are vertebrates .