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what are improvised aids

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Q: What are improvised teaching aid?
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Importance of improvised materials in teaching and learning?

I want to solution the answer

Conclusion of teaching aids?

teaching aid

Difference between teaching method and teaching aid?

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Why do teaches use teaching aid?

for fun

Projected and non projected teaching aids?

projected aids

Enumerate the duties of school health personnel?

caring, teaching about the first aid and helping to aid.

What is the difference between teaching aids and learning aids?

A teaching aid is used by a teacher when teaching e.g. chart, flash card while a learning aid is a chart which is on the woll

Does christian aid put Jesus' teaching into action?

yes it does

What is best for your improvised project in physics?

improvised telescope

What is the name of a Visual aid in teaching to which pictures diagrams etc can be stuck?


What is a sentence using the word aural?

The use of tape in the class is an aural teaching aid.

How do you use the word improvised in a sentence?

I didn't have A lighter so I improvised and used my toaster