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Chemicals are made from chemical elements.

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What is the fear of chemicals?

Chemophobia - Fear of chemicals or working with chemicals.

Are chemicals the same as solvents?

Solvents are chemicals, but not all chemicals are solvents.

What is the difference between synthetic and natural chemicals?

Synthetic chemicals are chemicals not naturally produced, or chemicals that are made in a laboratory. Natural chemicals are chemicals that occur regularly in nature in the world without human interference.

Are antibiotics made of chemicals from chemicals?

yes, those chemicals are actual chemicals though they use astonishinly small amounts.

Is chemicals the same as acid?

All acids are chemicals but not all chemicals are acids.

How do chemicals affect the humans?

The human body is 100% chemicals. The food we eat is 100% chemicals. What we drink, be it water or Scotch whisky, is 100% chemicals. The drugs we take, illegal or prescribed, are 100% chemicals. The air we breathe is 100% chemicals. The Earth we live on is 100% chemicals. The TV you watch is 100% chemicals. The sofa you sit on is 100% chemicals. Without chemicals the Earth or any life form would not exist.

What are the chemicals in spray paint?


What chemicals do cookies have?

There is no chemicals in cookies.

Where are the chemicals found?

what chemicals exactly

How do chemicals affect the earth?

The earth is made of chemicals. These are called natural chemicals. When man makes chemicals that are not natural chemicals and releases these into the environment this upsets the balance of nature and things die.

Why are chemicals used for making paper?

Chemicals called as pulping chemicals are used to convert wood in to pulp. There are pulping methods which do not use any chemical but pulp produced without using chemicals are much weaker. Chemicals known as bleaching chemicals are used to change pulp color from brown to white. Chemicals known as sizing chemicals are used to make paper water/liquid resistants. Chemicals known as coloring chemicals are used to color paper.

Are chemicals captilized?

Yes chemicals are captilized

What are some chemicals?

Some chemicals are acid

Where does chemicals come from?

Chemicals are natural or artificial.

What are phytotoxic chemicals?

They are Chemicals that damage plants.

What is the common name for chemicals?

Chemicals. What are you thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What chemicals does drinking alcohol have?

There are no chemicals in alcohol.

How many chemicals are in a ciggeret?

there are 118 chemicals

Is there any chemicals in the troposphere?

no, there are no chemicals in the troposhpere

What are house chemicals?

Chemicals you Use in your house

What do geologists call chemicals?

uh, chemicals.

How do you separate a chemicals?

Evaporate one of the chemicals how would i seperate the chemicals hydrogen and carbon from gasoline?

How do chemicals get into penguins?

Chemicals get if fish. Penguins eat fish. Chemicals get in penguins. Any Questions?

What are some medicines that have chemicals?

All medicines have chemicals in them, as everything around us can be defined as chemicals.

How many chemicals is in maraijuana?

421 chemicals, lol, but only 61 are "marijuana only" chemicals

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