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Cotton woven into a canvas called Denim (named after the french city of Nîmes)

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Q: What are jeans usually made of?
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What material besides denim are jeans made of?

Other than denim, jeans are also made of dungaree cloth. Dungaree cloth is a thick, coarse fabric that is usually blue in color. There are pants made out of cotton that are made to look like jeans, but aren't technically jeans.

Where are rustler jeans made?

They're usually made in either Mexico or Costa Rica

Designer Jeans back pocket?

Try here: or here:

Where is true religion jeans made?

Children's jeans are made in Mexico, and adults' jeans are made in the United States of America.

What is the thread count on Levi's womens jeans?

Levi jeans are well crafted and carry a high thread count and are usually made with 98% cotton and 2% elastane.

What were skinny jeans made out of?

They are made out of the same fabric regular jeans are made of. Denim

What is jeans made of?

Most jeans are made of 98% denims and 2% cottons. Of cause, Making jeans needs accessories such as zippers,rivets,buttons and so on. Trust me, the answer are from jeans factory.

What are all jeans made of?

Jeans are made from a cotton material called denim.

What are jeans amde out of?

Jeans are made out of 100% cotton.

Can you recommend a jeans made to order company that charges a reasonable price for a pair of jeans?

With any kind of made to order jeans it will be very difficult to find a company that is reasonable priced for pair of jeans. You can check out the Make Your Own Jeans site to customize your jeans made to order. Custom jeans will start at $49.00 and up.

Is true religion jeans made in Mexico?

some True Religion jeans are made in China

Why the term jeans for trousers?

Jeans are made of denim. Trousers are made of different types of materials.