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A kaleidoscope is composed of two or more mirrors laid lengthwise inside a tube, in addition to colored beads or other small objects reside in the tube's larger end. Light passes through this end, hitting the colored objects inside the rotating compartment. Any random configuration created in the falling of the colored objects reflects in the mirrors, making beautiful symmetrical patterns. Rotating the compartment moves the objects, creating a different image than previously seen.

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How many words can you find from kaleidoscopes?

Kaleidoscopes has four syllables (ka-lei-do-scopes).

Where can you find kaleidoscopes?


What has the author Cozy Baker written?

Cozy Baker has written: 'Kaleidoscopes' -- subject(s): Kaleidoscopes 'Holiday frame of mind' -- subject(s): Christian life 'Love Beyond Life' 'Kaleidorama' -- subject(s): Kaleidoscopes 'Kaleidoscopia'

Who uses kaleidoscopes?

submarines use it to 'see' in water

What Things shaped like octagonal prism?

some kaleidoscopes

What is the physics in kaleidoscopes?

The main relevant physics in this case is reflection of light.

When were kaleidoscopes invented?

The first kaleidoscope was invented around 1816 by Sir David Brewster.

What are some uses of a plane mirror?

To reflect light.for lookingin solar cookersand in kaleidoscopes

How long ago were kaleidoscopes invented?

the kaleidoscope was invented in 1815 by Sir David Brewster

What are the objects that starts with letter K?

Kites, kennels, knickerbockers, knobs, keys, kettles, kaleidoscopes...

What are facts about kaleidoscopes?

They are pretty, colorful, you turn them - they make different shapes when pointed to the light through your eyeball. The end.

Who uses kaleidoscope?

Kaleidoscopes are used for entertainment purposes. They are normally thought of as children's toys, but are also made as fine art pieces.

What rhymes with isotopes?

-hopes -elopes -mopes -allotropes -antelopes -biotopes -cantaloupes -endoscopes -scopes -envelopes -epitopes -gyroscopes -kaleidoscopes -oscilloscopes

How do kaleidoscopes work?

i think they work by turning the knob at the end. there is a tub of beads there and it makes a lovely image from the reflect of the mirrors. this is probbly wrong.

What has the author Joe Kennedy written?

Joe Kennedy has written: 'Kaleidoscope math' -- subject(s): Kaleidoscopes, Problems, exercises, Study and teaching

What are the use of plain mirror in Kaleidoscopes?

There are at least 2 plane mirrors at some angle to each other in a Kaleidoscope, in order to create the symmetrically-multiple images that is the instrument's point.

Who makes kaleidoscopes?

This question is not specific enough. Do you want to know who invented the kaleidoscope? Do you want a list of companies that make them today? Do you want to know if aliens or super intelligent monkeys make them? I really don't know how to answer this. Cheap kaleidoscopes made from plastic, cardboard, and other similar materials are made by all kinds of toy and novelty companies. However, high end kaleidoscopes, sometimes costing thousands of dollars, are generally made by artisans and not corporations. You can find these in specialty stores, artsy stores, and craft stores (not arts and crafts, a crafts store that sells high-end, hand made goods). So, if you want a more specific answer you will have to ask a more specific question.

What things are shaped like an octagonal prism?

In geometry, the octagonal prism is the sixth in an infinite set of prisms, formed by square sides and two regular octagon caps. Pencils and kaleidoscopes are shaped like octagonal prisms.

What has the author Marion Walter written?

Marion Walter has written: 'Another, Another, Another and More' -- subject(s): Toy and movable books, Scientific recreations, Kaleidoscopes, Juvenile literature, Mirrors, Visual perception, Specimens

What is a kaleidoscope used for?

The used of Kaleidoscope is to give information to the users about the combining of the different colors an shapes when the lights strike to the crystal. Also to attract the viewer the rotation of the colorful and significant color strikes. The endless symmetrical patterns you will find in kaleidoscopes will make it difficult to pass one by without looking through it.

What are some Mexican toys?

Some traditional toys include the trompo or spinning top, yo-yo, matatena or jacks, dolls of many kinds, small tin or wooden cars, pinwheels and kaleidoscopes. More modern toys include action figures, plastic dolls (such as Barbie), hot wheels and videogames.

I am having a birthday party for a toddler. What are good party favors to give out?

Bubbles give the tots hours of pleasure, and are relatively in expensive. Little ones enjoy all types of stickers also. Some good birthday party favors for toddlers are stickers, sticker books, mini books, kaleidoscopes, little pots of Playdough, small packages of letter and number magnets. Many of these things can be picked up at a local dollar store.

How could you make a kaleidoscope?

To make a simple kaleidoscope:Hand of the Craftsman receives frequent requests for kaleidoscope-making instructions---mostly from young people (sometimes their teachers) working on school projects.The best book we've seen on the subject is "Simple Kaleidoscopes" by Gary Newlin, with patterns for making a few different 'scopes---but the book is out of print. Though it may still be available in libraries and from bookshops and online booksellers, it stands to reason that not everyone who looks for it will find it. So here are instructions for making a simple kaleidoscope.Common sense tells us that young children will need supervision.

What is trippy on shrooms?

Here's a list of thing that trip me out on shrooms: Boldwords mean AVOID!Good trippy:Throwing several rocks into a body of water at once ( the sound )kaleidoscopes - I thought I was going to have a heart attack (in a good way)!Breaking glass bottlesFunny moviesLight SticksCould go bad:MirrorsThings that change color (fast changes are not as cool as slow changes)Microsoft Sam Speech ( don't type in evil things )Techno music ( or any electronic sounding music, be careful though)AVOID!!setting off mouse trapsLoud ClocksScary Movies (obviously)too many things to name

What did Scotland make?

Scotland made heaps of things that have changed the world! These include:AnaestheticsBeta-blockersBicyclesCash creditColour photographyCotton-reel threadsContinuous electric lightCriminal finger-printingDecimal pointsFax machinesFinancial services by telephoneFountain pensGolfElectro-magnetismHollow pipe drainageHypodermic syringesInsulinKaleidoscopesLime cordialMotor insuranceNoble gasesParaffinPostage stampsQuinineRadarReflecting telescopesRetail bankingSavings banksTarmacTelephoneTelevisionUltrasound scannersUniversal standard timeU.S Navy (Believe it or not)Vacuum flasksWaterproof mackintoshesWave-powered electricity generatorsHope this helps :)

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