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Krill are a type of shrimp-like marine invertebrate animal.

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Q: What are krill?
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Zooplankton is eaten by?

fish and krill fish and krill fish and krill fish and krill fish and krill

How do you say krill in German?

krill = Krill

What is a krill?

what is a krill a krill is a shrimpy thing that's like a shrimp

How do krill see?

Krill have eyes.

Are krill consumers?

No. Krill is a decomposer.

Is krill a consumer?

no. krill is a decomposer

Are krill mammals?

No, krill are crustaceans.

How many tons of krill can a blue whale eat a day?

40 million krill 40 million krill 40 million krill

What is the niche of krill?

Krill, the niche of krill in my opinion, is to be prey to any other species..............

What is the collective noun for a big group of krill?

A group of krill is called a "shoal of krill".

How many legs does a krill have?

krill has no legs

What color are krill?

krill are pinkish red

Is krill a herbivore or an omnivore?

Krill are carnivours

Is krill the same as shrimp?

no, krill is not the same.

What is an ocean krill?

A krill that lives in the ocean.

How do you spell krill in french?

le krill

What is a sentence for krill?

Do you mean a sentence with krill in it? Krill are found in the ocean, they are shrimp-like creatures.

Is krill a prey?

yes krill is eaten by pretty much any fish in the ocean were krill can be found. When most people think of krill they think of a whale, being that the krill is the whales main source of food.

How many krill are in the oceans?

there are 6000 krill in the ocean

What eats a plankton?

Krill, Krill eats plankton .

Do squid eat krill?

yep, krill and fish

What animals prey on krill?

whales eat krill

How do krill live?

Krill live under water

Are krill fish?

no because fish have blood but krill does not

What do krill eat in antarctica?

krill eat phytoplankton