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Lanas is a species that has to do with people named Lana.

My name is lana, it is a name for girls, related to the name Alan (male name)

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probaly, it is unknown as of right now that she will return but she had a flashback to lana in season 10 episode 4 the 200th called homecoming which that scene was first seen in season 1 plot where lana askes clark (so what are you man or superman.) and a lady approched Lois at the homecoming dance and talked about lana and earler in the episode Lois showed lana's name for the reuion and clark said that lana is not coming. if you know anything about lanas return to smallville season 10 please e-mail me at ( thank you

firstly we saw lana die n Lionel witnessed the death when lanas car blew up but wot u didnt c was a truck drove passed as the car blew up and lana jumped on to it so Lionel assumed that lana died soo he told clark but clark wouldn't believe him so the next episode was when lana turned up at the barn and clark was fixing his tractor then shelby the dog barked clark thought that it was kara some other girl then lana touched clark on the shoulder and clark realised that it was the love of his life yep it was indeed lana so he turned round dropped his spanner on the floor and gave the love of his life a big hug. i really hope that this helps u 2 answer ur question

The cast of Yo soy la Juani - 2006 includes: Marc Albiol as Futbolista Rafael Alexander as Reaggeton Haze as himself Yanneys Cabrera as Reaggetones Pedro Calvo as Futbolista Francesco Capodicasa as Tatuador Elena Carvajal as Breaker Ariel Casas as Profesor Teatro Marianne Choquet as Mujer casting Vanesa de la Haza as Prostituta Abraham de Torres as Lumi Oriol Durich as Futbolista Berta Errando as Recepcionista productora Albert Grabuleda Capdevila as Chico Bar 2 Mercedes Hoyos as Madre Juani Aina Lanas as Breaker Gorka Lasaosa as Nacho Juan Luis Alconada as Breaker Jose Masegosa as Futbolista Trifon Maynon as Grafitero Esteban Mihalik as Camarero bar barrio Elka Mocker as Prostituta Pilar Morillo as Cameo Ismael Navarro as Japo Meruyn Nicholson as Tatuador Carlos Olalla as Cirujano Xavier Oliach as Grafitero Yannia Portes as Reaggetones Javier Radua as Amigo Japo Patricia Reyes as Prostituta Marc Rovira as Breaker Benito Sagredo as Capi Josep Sandoval as Periodista Yaga Sangareau as Chica Buenorra Piero Verzello as Camarero fiesta

Strictly speaking, Malaysia's official language is called Bahasa Melayu, in the Malay language. A "standardised" version of this language is known as Bahasa Baku, and is widely used by newsreaders and in school oral examinations.Malaysian is the language spoken in Malaysia. Malaysia is located in southeast Asia. The capital of Malaysia is Kuala, Lumpur.English,chinese,hokkien,hakka,teochews.........................n most importantly our national language-MALAY^^The National Language is Malaysian Language (Bahasa Malaysia) or formerly known as Malay(Melayu).English is the official second language. Most Malaysian are English literated as English Language is taught since the age of 7.Malaysia consist of various races, some Malaysian knows up to 3 languages. Usually the 3rd language is their native language like Chinese, Indian, Iban, Kadazan, Melanau and others..._________________________________________________________________Bahasa Malaysia (official), English, Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkien, Hakka, Hainan, Foochow), Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Panjabi, ThaiYes many languages. Bahasa Malaysia is the main language (Official Language) but almost everyone can also speak English. In addition you have Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkien, Hakka, Hainan, Foochow), Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Panjabi, Thai. In East Malaysia there are several indigenous languages; most widely spoken are Iban and Kadazan.Here is a list of all 139 languages spoken in Malaysia:1. Abai Sungai2. Bajau, West Coast3. Bakati', Rara4. Balangingi5. Balau6. Banjar7. Batek8. Belait9. Berawan, Central10. Berawan, East11. Berawan, West12. Bidayuh, Bau13. Bidayuh, Biatah14. Bidayuh, Bukar-Sadong15. Bidayuh, Tringgus-Sembaan16. Bintulu17. Bisaya, Brunei18. Bisaya, Sabah19. Bonggi20. Bookan21. Brunei22. Bugis23. Bukitan24. Cheq Wong25. Chinese, Hakka26. Chinese, Mandarin27. Chinese, Min Dong28. Chinese, Min Nan29. Chinese, Pu-Xian30. Chinese, Yue31. Duano32. Dumpas33. Dusun, Central34. Dusun, Sugut35. Dusun, Tambunan36. Dusun, Tempasuk37. English38. Gana39. Iban40. Ida'an41. Iranun42. Jah Hut43. Jakun44. Javanese45. Jehai46. Kadazan, Coastal47. Kadazan, Klias River48. Kadazan, Labuk-Kinabatangan49. Kajaman50. Kalabakan51. Kayan, Baram52. Kayan, Rejang53. Kelabit54. Keningau Murut55. Kensiu56. Kenyah, Mainstream57. Kimaragang58. Kinabatangan, Upper59. Kintaq60. Kiput61. Kota Marudu Talantang62. Kota Marudu Tinagas63. Kuijau64. Lahanan65. Lanoh66. Lelak67. Lobu, Lanas68. Lobu, Tampias69. Long Wat70. Lotud71. Lun Bawang72. Mah Meri73. Malaccan Creole Malay74. Malaccan Creole Portuguese75. Malay76. Malay, Baba77. Malay, Cocos Islands78. Malay, Kedah79. Malay, Sabah80. Malay, Standard81. Malaysian Sign Language82. Mapun83. Melanau, Central84. Melanau, Daro-Matu85. Melanau, Kanowit-Tanjong86. Melanau, Sibu87. Minokok88. Minriq89. Mintil90. Molbog91. Murik92. Narom93. Negeri Sembilan Malay94. Okolod95. Orang Kanaq96. Orang Seletar97. Paluan98. Papar99. Penan, Bah-Biau100. Penan, Eastern101. Penan, Western102. Penang Sign Language103. Punan Batu 1104. Remun105. Rungus106. Sa'ban107. Sabüm108. Salako109. Sama, Southern110. Sebop111. Sebuyau112. Sekapan113. Selangor Sign Language114. Selungai Murut115. Semai116. Semaq Beri117. Sembakung Murut118. Semelai119. Semnam120. Seru121. Serudung Murut122. Sian123. Tagal Murut124. Tamil125. Tatana126. Tausug127. Temiar128. Temoq129. Temuan130. Tidong131. Timugon Murut132. Tobilung133. Tombonuo134. Tonga135. Tring136. Ukit137. Uma' Lasan138. Wolio139. YakanBahasa Malaysia is the official language but English remains the second language.MalayThat would be Bahasa Malaysia and English, but English is only official for some purposes.Bahasa melayu or known as Bahasa Malaysiabahasa MalaysiaBahasa MalaysiaNational Language is Malay or Bahasa Melayu.However, English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Hindi is widely spoken as wellThe official language of Malaysia is Malay language and it is a bit different from Indonesian language.Malaymalayans speak malay.Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Indonesia, YawiMalayThe Malay language. Or called "Bahasa Melayu". Sometimes to a certain extent, its called Bahasa Malaysia (Malaysian language). Other Malaysians such as those from Sabah and Sarawak speak their own dialects that have much more similar words so some of the southern Philippine languages. The Tausug people in Malaysia, speak Bahasa Sug, the Tausug language. These people aren't ethnic Malays, but are related to Malays. Malaysian-Indians also speak Hindi and Tamil.27 million counting Malaysians only, but that's not countingIndonesian (Indonesians speak Indonesian but the 2 languagesare sister language and are greatly linked together), so counting IndonesianI would say about 300Million.Salam & Ramadan Mubarak 2011Tha official language of Malaysia is Bahasa Malaysia.Malay, of courseThey can speak English, but with an accent. I've been to Malaysia, and their native language is Malaysian, or Standard Malay.Bahasa MalaysiaMalaysian people speak the Malay language, or Bahasa Melayu. The Malay language sometimes differenciates in other Southeast Asian countries. Sometimes, to a certain extent, the Malay language in Malaysia is called Bahasa Malaysia. Literally meaning "Malaysian language". People in Sabah and Sarawak speak their own dialects. Such as the Tausug people in Sabah, they speak Bahasa Sug; the Tausug people's dialect. Hindi and Tamil are spoken by the Malaysian-Indians.noMalayMalaysian and English.GermanChinese and TamilNational Language is Malay or Bahasa Melayu.However, English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Hindi is widely spoken as wellThe Major Languages spoken in Malaysia is Chinese and TamilMalaysian people speak Malay or Bahasa Melayu. But in Malaysia, there is also a large Chinese and Indian population. Therefore many speak Chinese and Indian as well. English is thought as mandatory second language and therefore most everyone speaks English as well.

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