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You have to be board certified

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Q: What are license requirements in forensic pathology?
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Does UCLA offer forensic pathology?

Yes, UCLA offers forensic pathology.

What university in the northwest can you study forensic pathology?

the northwest university of forensic pathology

What do you know about Forensic Science and Crime Scene Investigation?

Introduction Forensic Pathology

What career cluster is forensic pathology in?

Forensic pathology is in the Health Science career cluster. It is sometimes mistaken for being in the Medical Practice cluster. I hope this helps!

What is a microscope used for in forensic pathology?

for crime scenes

What is the branch of science that deals with autopsy?

Forensic Pathology.

What has the author Peter Vanezis written?

Peter Vanezis has written: 'Pathology of neck injury' -- subject(s): Forensic Medicine, Forensic pathology, Injuries, Neck, Wounds and injuries

What is the job outlook look for forensic pathology?

do you mean what is it of how good are job openings? no i mean what are the types of jobs for pathology.

Is forensic medicine a sub-specialty of emergency medicine?

Emergency medicine and forensic medicine are two different fields of medicine. A subspecialty of medicine called forensic medicine, examines deceased patients to ascertain the cause and manner of death. Legal investigations frequently collaborate with forensic pathologists. Emergency medicine, on the other hand, concentrates on providing patients with acute diseases or injuries that need rapid medical attention with primary care. In addition to managing a broad variety of medical diseases, emergency physicians are qualified to address medical emergencies in a variety of settings, including emergency rooms. Although forensic elements could hold significance in specific emergency situations, forensic medicine is not regarded as an emergency medicine subspecialty. These are distinct disciplines with disparate specializations and educational backgrounds. You can learn more about forensic medicine through an online course- Forensic Medicine and Toxicology by Dr. Gautam Biswas on DigiNerve. This courses contains in depth videos of all topics with clear explanations, it also includes concise notes and self assessment questions for students to help them evaluate their performance.

Is autopsy pathology a field in pathology?

You need a medical degree. Qualification for autopsy pathology is an additional five months of residency in autopsy. Large hospitals perform 100 to 150 autopsies per year. There is another field called Forensic Pathology. Medical doctors who specialize in forensic pathology examine bodies for the cause of death. Forensic Pathology is performed by coroners and medical examiners. Contact the National Association of Medical Examiners by writing 430 Pryor St. SW., Atlanta, GA 30312

What has the author Joshua A Perper written?

Joshua A. Perper has written: 'Self-assessment of current knowledge in forensic pathology and legal medicine' -- subject(s): Examinations, questions, Forensic pathology, Medical jurisprudence

What are the entrance requirements for a forensic psychiatrist?

There is no such thing as a forensic psychiatrist.