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fibrous connective tissue that holds joints together

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Ligaments are tough connective tissues that connect bones to bones.

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Q: What are ligaments?
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What band of tissue that holds a joint together?

ligaments ligaments ligaments ligaments

Do you have ligaments in your eye?

Do we have ligaments in our eye, and please name them. Do we have ligaments in our eye, and please name them. Do we have ligaments in our eye, and please name them. Do we have ligaments in our eye, and please name them. Do we have ligaments in our eye, and please name them. Do we have ligaments in our eye, and please name them.

What tissues connect bones to bones?

ligamentsCartilage, muscle, collagen and tendons.Tendons and ligaments. Tendons connect bone to muscle. Ligaments connect bone to bone.ligamentsligaments

What are the ligaments for?

Ligaments connect bone to bone.

Were do you find ligaments?

Ligaments are found at joints.

What are ligaments used for?

Ligaments connect bone to bone.Ligaments attach a bone to another bone.

What makes ligaments stronger?

what makes ligaments stronger?

How many ligaments in the body?

how many ligaments in the body

What are ligaments connected to?

Ligaments connect the bones to the bones.

Vital organs are protected from harm by?


What holds bones together?

joints or ligaments

What do the membranes and ligaments do?

Ligaments connect bone to bone.

What happens if your body had no ligaments?

what happens if our body had no ligaments

What is the twisting of ligaments at joint?

twisting of ligaments at joints

Which cushions protect the bones were they meet?

ligaments ligaments

What body parts are held together by ligaments?

Bones are held together by ligaments.

What are the four major ligaments that support the knee?

The four major ligaments of the knee are; 1.Patella ligament 2.Anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments 3.Medial and lateral collateral ligaments 4.Oblique and arcuate popliteal ligaments

What is the color of ligaments?

Ligaments are bright green... I hope I have helped =)

What do ligaments protect?

Ligaments connect tissues and bones together.

How many ligaments in the hand?

there are thirteen types of ligaments in the hand

What holds two bones together at a joint?


Are cruciate ligaments also called collateral ligaments?


Why do you think that ligaments are found in the appendicular skeleton but not the axial skeleton?

But ligaments are found in both. Bones are connected to bones with ligaments.

How do ligaments and skeletal system work together?

the ligaments pull the bones thus the skeletal system and the ligaments work together.

It is said that ligaments connect bone to bone but what about suspensory ligaments found in eyes they are not connecting bone to bone.why are they known as ligaments?