What are lister scissors?

To the best of my knowledge:

"Lister" scissors are Lister Bandage Scissors. They are like regular scissor except they are bent at the point where they are joined. This allows one arm of the scissor to lay flat against the skin and still have the two arms that your fingers go into up away from the body so you can make a cutting motion without hitting the patient or having the blade arm dig into the patient. The second part is that the "bottom" blade, the one touching patient has a blunt or capped end for patient safety, so you can't easily "stab" the patient with the leading blade. They come in varying lengths and quality based on the bandage to be cut, person's preference and shelf life expected for use. Sterilization can take a toll on metal objects. They may also be called bandage scissors, paramedic utility scissor or trauma scissors. Ambulance crews, paramedics, hospital technicians, nurses of various levels and bandage kits tend be the ones with the Lister Scissors.