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Q: What are major political events of baby boom generation?
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What do a baby boom generation and a baby bust generation have in common?

Both are age cohorts...

What generation is before the baby boomers?

In recent years, the generation that immediately preceded the Baby Boomers has come to be called the "greatest generation." Yes and no. The generation in between WWI and WWII was called the Silent Generation. The Baby Boomers came after because of the returning GI's. The men and women who fought were the Greatest Generation.

What is the fire Billy Joel is talking about?

It was basically the series of unfortunate events that essentially blazed throughout the world since the beginning of the baby-boomer generation.

What is before generation x?

In the United States we have seen 4 characteristics or groupings that have always been in sequences. Generation X is the 13th generation in our country. Each generations' characteristics is a reaction or a result of the mannerism of the generation before them. Generations use to be measured in 20 year intervals and then as information spread quicker it became obvious that the generation changes were occurring quicker. They are typically marked by major events. Generation X is marked with the assassination of John F Kennedy to the Fall of the Berlin Wall (Regan's Years). The important thing to recognize is that major world events shape our perspective, our values, and ethics. A generation before the Xer's was the Baby Boomers (end of WWII to JFK Assassination). They as a group are very idealistic which shaped the Gen X grouping to not see things as wonderful and and in turn became more realistic. Its a total cause and effect relationship between the four Characteristics seen in the generations here in the US.

What is the generation before the baby boomers called?

The baby boomers generation is comprised of people who grew up around the 1960s. The generation following them is often referred to as Generation X and is comprised of those born from the 60s until the 80s.

Major historic events in Niger?

A black baby was born. And another died of starvation. and someone died from AIDS.

What is the duration of Girls' Generation's Hello Baby?

The duration of Girls' Generation's Hello Baby is 2400.0 seconds.

Generation start when one of your sibling has a baby?

Yes a generation starts when one of your sibling has a baby because the more children, the longer the generation goes on.

When did Girls' Generation's Hello Baby end?

Girls' Generation's Hello Baby ended on 2009-11-17.

When was Girls' Generation's Hello Baby created?

Girls' Generation's Hello Baby was created on 2009-06-23.

What is the generation called before the baby boomers?

The generation before the baby boomers is typically referred to as the Silent Generation or Traditionalists. They were born roughly between 1928 and 1945.

What generation do you belong to?

baby boomer