What are male swans calleD?

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What are baby swans called?

Baby swans are called as cygnets. Adult male swans are called as cobs while adult female swans are called as pens.

Name of male swan?

Male swans are called Cobs

what is a male swans name?

A male swan is called a cob.

What are female and male swans called?

The female swan is called a pen and the male swan is called a cob.

What are swans mom and dad called?

A pen for the female and a cob for the male swan.

Do male swans look different then female swans?

no they don't

Male vs female swans?

male swans would win because it can knock you cold with its wing.

What is swans baby called?

Young or baby swans are called a cygnet. The way to pronounce it is ( sig-nit) Male swan - Cob Female swan - Pen Young swan - Cygnet As a group - Flock

What are names of male and female Swans?

Pen = female Cob = male

What is a group of mute swans called?

flock of swans

Name of a female swan?

A female adult swan is called a pen, and an adult male is a cob. Young swans are called swanlings or cygnets.

What is a swans nest called?

what is the name of a swans nest please

What aquatic birds are called cobs and pens?

They are swans (several species).Male is the cob.Female is the pen.Young are the cygnet.

What would a pair of swans be called?

TWO Swans Al S.............

How can you tell the difference between male and female swans?

i think male swans have this little thingy above their heads and a little thing below their beaks

What Is a swan?

A Swan is a bird in the family of Anatidae. A young swan is called a cygnets when adult male is called a cob. Most swans are white, while others are different colors.

What are the visual differences between and male and female swans?

The male it has red beard but the female doesn't and the female it lays egg but the male is not...

What are young swans called?

cygnets They are called 'cygnets'.

What is family of swans called?

A bevy

How to tell the diffence between male and female swans?

Male swans are often a bit larger than the females and have a thicker neck; the knob at the base of the male's upper bill is larger than the female's knob.

What are a swan's offspring called?

Young swans are called cygnets

What is a swan's child called?

A swans baby is called a cygnet.

Why are Mute Swans named mute swans when they are noisy?

they are called the mute swan because they are always noisy

What is a group of trumpeter swans called?


What Was Bella Swans Gran Called?