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Metadata are data about data.

There are two kinds of metadata: "data about data content", and "data about data containers".

Consider a file with a picture. The picture or the pixels inside the file are data.

A description of the picture, such as "3 cute kittens, April 2012" are "data about data content", a kind of summary of the data.

A description of the picture, like "JPEG format, 300x400 pixels", are "data about data container", because it describes how the contents of the file are stored, although they are not the actual data.

A library card catalog contains "data about data content", a kind of summary of the data - the author, the time of creation, etc.

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Q: What are metadata?
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What is metadata in oracle?

It is nothng but the information about information in database.... Is called metadata

How do you edit photo metadata?

I can tell you in case you are using Photoshop,open Bridge and select photo then look arround for metadata on it to expand.If you cant see metadata panel then go to Window-Metadata panel

Are keywords also known as metadata?

No. Keywords are not called or known as Metadata in Java

What does downloading metadata mean?

Metadata is "data about data". It is used for two fundamentally different concepts. Structural metadata is about the design and specification of data structures. Descriptive metadata, is about individual instances of application data, the data content.

Which of these is an example of a type of technology used to collect data-?

Metadata is "data about data". There are two "metadata types;" structural metadata, about the design and specification of data structures or "data about the containers of data"; and descriptive metadata about individual instances of application data or the data content.

What are data about data called?

Data about data are called metadata. See the related question "What are metadata?" for more details.

Which file contain metadata?

The source page of your website or blog contains the metadata which can of many types ....some metadata is to verify ownership ... some is for adding relevant keywords for traffic generation. I do hope this answer is sufficient.

What is meant by metadata in database?

The term metadata refers to "data about data," or the content of large digital data files. Metadata is used to facilitate the location of relevant information on a specific topic during a data search.

What is the onyx metadata standard?

You probably mean the "onix" metadata standard. Information is available at

Is metadata the Information resources that point the user towards data that they are looking for and are organized according to a predefined scheme called?

not quitemetadata is deskribing innformation or define other data.technical metadata is deskribing the structure of a datasystem for eksample.or"the price is $5" where "$5" is data while "the prise" is metadata, cause the "prise" is deskribing what kind of data "$5" is.

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Karl Froeschl has written: 'Metadata management in statistical information processing' -- subject(s): Mathematical statistics, Data processing, Metadata

What is metadata?

Metadata is the set of information that comes with the files e.g. a file format of a file or a author of a book or a field size. _________________________________________________________ Metadata is also placed on some websites to show information such as: When the website was last updated, who the author is.. etc. This information is not displayed on the website like HTML tags.

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Metadata means data about data. It means to help manage, store and retrieve data. It is similar to the old card catalog system which tells you where a book is and where to find it.

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The answer for computer class is metadata

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