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Do you mean portable moving pods? If so, they are large containers provided by a moving and storage company that can be dropped off at any location to assist in moving (or for storage.) The actual moving pod will vary in size and shape based on what a particular company has to offer (and how much stuff you want to move) but for the most part they are rectangular in shape. Some are wood, others are aluminum or some other light metal material that provides secure, dry storage of goods. Once packed, the moving pod is picked up and stored in a facility or moved to your location of choice.

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Q: What are moving pods?
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Where can one find more information about storage and moving?

Someone can find imformation about storage and moving with the PODS website. PODS can help you to deliver and to pack your things that you want to move. PODS will help you with PODS Moving Containers.

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Pods are a great way to get some additional storage when moving. Pods will deliver a container to your house, you load it up, then they will pick it up and deliver it to your location. Check them out at

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