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Question is too vague. There are *Seven amazing yet different sports that fall under the umbrella of the term "Gymnastics"* Not all of them include balance skills; for example Trampoline & Tumbling Gymnastic and Group Gymnastics require no balance skills.

* Gymnastic Sports

Artistic Gymnastics Men's

Artistic Gymnastics Woman's

Group Gymnastics

Aerobic Gymnastics

Acrobatic Gymnastics

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Power Tumble and Trampoline Gymnastics

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What are the names of some gymnastics poses?

Pike, straddle, tuck <(Shapes) shoulder stand,Tree,< (Balances) Leap, hop, One to one<(Jumps)

Name some balances for gymnastics?

Handstand, headstand, arabesque, shoulder stand, straddle

What are some good gymnastics names?

People in gymnastics are just ordinary people with ordinary names. You can name your gymnastics characters any name you want! I usually use one of those baby name websites to pick names for my characters.

What are the subtopics in gymnastic?

some good subtopics would be: floor vault beam bars important names in gymnastics compulsory vs. optional gymnastics hope this helps!

What are some Science experiment for gymnastics?

What are some science experiment for gymnasticsI need a science experiment for gymnastics

What are some weaknesses of checks and balances?

I have checks and balances in my work.

Can cats do gymnastics?

yes some cats can do gymnastics if trained

What is the perfect gift for someone in gymnastics?

some more leotards. no gymnastics can have enough leos! anything that involves gymnastics! like some gymnastics sweat pants or warm up suits.

What is arithmetic gymnastic?

Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport much like regular gymnastics in which one gymnast at a time balances and manipulates a hoop, ball, rope, or ribbon. These gymnasts are generally extremely flexible and are very thin.

Why should you have a good solid base in paired balances in gymnastics?

I'm a base and It's really important for me to be solid because your partner is balancing on you some way. The more stable the base is the easier and safer it is for your 'top' to balance. The stronger and more solid you are as a base determines how high you can go in the levels. The weakest will only do prep balances but the best will do far more complicated balances. Hope I helped a bit XD

Is it irrational to hold money balances?

No, it is always sensible to hold some money balances.

Can everyone do gymnastics?

to participate in gymnastics, you must be some what fit and have the willingness to try hard. Gymnastics takes a lot of metal strength along with physical.

Can a boy be involved in gymnastics?

Yes, why not!! Some kids may pick on you though, but have fun doing gymnastics. If you like gymnastics then go!! It's fun.

What are the different leagues in US gymnastics?

Some Leagues are the USAG and C.A.R.A gymnastics. They are the leagues that are known in Colorado.

What are some Olympic words that begin with the letter P?

· parallel bars gymnastics · pommel horse gymnastics

How hard is gymnastics?

Gymnastics is a VERY tuff sport, seeing as i am an elite gymnast, i can tell you, if you stick your landings, and stick to gymnastics, you will soon tell that with some spot, and some pride, you will be just like me, an elite gymnast !

What are some famous quotes that are relevant to gymnastics?

Some famous quotes that are relevant to gymnastics are, "In gymnastics you have to be perfect every step of the way" was said by Shannon Miller. Another is "Gymnastics is not only a good thing to live by, but it is important to understand how it does help you in life" was said by Shawn Johnson.

What are some examples of checks and balances at work today?

exaples of checks and balances are jobs that payed and what money you may get

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