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the Angola people died

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2012-12-06 22:30:02
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Q: What are negative and positive effects of imperialism in Angola?
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What is the source of income of Angola?

Angola is one of the largest countries in Africa, and is poverty stricken. However, they have rich veins of both oil and diamonds in their territory which is the main source of income. This has both positive and negative effects on the people there.

How did imperialism hurt the people in Angola?

The people of Angola were victims of the imperialism of Portugal. Angolans were forced to obey Portuguese laws and to give up valuable minerals and farmlands to Portugal.

What European country colonized Angola during imperialism?


What are the negative obstacles that prevent tourism development in Angola?

Insecurity in Angola and the foreign travel advisory are the negative obstacles that prevent tourism development in Angola. Poaching is also leading to a decline in tourism.

Imperialism in Angola?

The harsh treatment by the imperialists caused the people to rise up in revolt. They proceeded to extract Angola's natural resources, then sold their own products to the colony, in an effort to destroy the local economy. On a positive note, Portugal shared their culture with the colonized people, and built up the country's infrastructure.

What were the Motivations for imperialism in Angola?

Slave trade was the biggest one. The Portugese also wanted more land and strategic ports for trading.

What is the driving time from Chicago to Angola?

Which Angola? Angola the country is across the ocean in Africa. Otherwise you have Angola, Indiana; Angola, Kansas; Angola, New York; or Angola State Prison in Angola, Louisiana.

Is Zambia in Angola?

No Zambia is not in Angola. Zambia is to the East of Angola.

Who runs Angola?

Most of the people run Angola. Angola is a republic with a president.

Continent of Angola?

which continent is Angola on

What is Angola's motto?

Forward Angola.

Where is the Angola Public Library in Angola located?

The address of the Angola Public Library is: 34 North Main Street, Angola, 14006 0391

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