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What are negative and positive effects of imperialism in Asia?

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they liked to help them in agricultural advances


better infrastructure, increased communication with European countries, exchange of technology


prejudice, got rid of some Asian culture

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What are negative effects of imperialism in Asia?

Imperialism, led to wars between other European nations. Imperialism in Asia became a negative force in that it released its liberal ideas on the homefront in pursuit to influence colonies away.

What are the effects of colonialism in Asia?

There were positive and negative effects of colonialism in Asia. This influences some of the systems like education and governance but also stagnated the growth and development in these areas.

Who ruled during imperialism in south east Asia?

I need to do a report on causes and effects of Imperialism on South East Asia, who rule and how during that time

Negative and positive effects of European imperialism in Asia?

one positive effect was the spread of ideas, such as firearm technology and the spread of Christianity. However, both of these had some downsides: firearms were used in warfare which inevitably killed many people and the spread of Christianity in japan lead to persecution of followers after the Japanese became suspicious of European motives.

What have been the positive and negative effects of colonialism in SouthEast Asia.?

this does not helpat least give us more to work with rather then just putting a sentence-.-

What was Asia from western perspective?

it is when the western judge the Asia and they thought that Asia is lower then them they ussually talk about the negative sights of Asia and the positive of theirs...

How does Imperialism effects Africa and Asia?

It aided in long periods of brutal slavery by Spain, England, and America that did not stop for over 100 years.

Imperialism in southeast Asia?

its ridiculous!

How did the countries of Asia react to imperialism?


How did western imperialism spread through Africa and Asia so quickly?

how did the western imperialism spread through Africa and Asia so quickly

How was European imperialism in Africa similar to imperialism in Asia?

European imperialism was motivated by a desire for economic gains in both regions.

What were the negative and positive results of European colonization of southeast Asia?

European colonization of Southeast Asia had both negative and positive results. Just one example of a positive result was the introduction of 'modern' industrial, commercial, and administrative methods and practices. A negative result was the resentment toward Western culture (sometimes including its 'modern' methods and practices) that built up from colonial abuses and control.

Which country's was not involved with European imperialism in Asia?


Imperialism in southeast Asia and the pacific?

Imperialism in south-east Asia and the pacific was quite devastating. Most of the citizens were oppressed by the imperial rule and this is what triggered most revolutions and wars.

How did imperialism weaken the political system of Southeast Asia?

they were homeless.

What Russian imperialism in the nineteenth century was aimed chiefly at?

Russian imperialism in the nineteenth century was aimed chiefly at Central Asia.

What mistake did European imperialism make in Asia?

For Europe to rule Asia by force for purposes of gain, and to justify that rule by the pretence that she is civilizing Asia and raising her to a higher level of spiritual life, will be adjudged by history, perhaps, to be the crowning wrong and folly of Imperialism.

French colony in Southeast Asia during the Age of Imperialism?


Russian imperialism in the Nineteenth Century was aimed at which region?

Central Asia

What two continents were the main targets of European imperialism?

Asia and Africa

Which continents were divided into colonies during the Age of Imperialism?

asia africa

How was Africa and west Asia affected by imperialism?

It was affected because it had not yet industrialized

Natural resource exported from southeast Asia during the age of imperialism?


What is Defensive Nationalism?

the anti-colonial nationalism movement which develop after the imperialism in asia

What idea was used to justify European imperialism in Asia and Africa?

The evoluntionary theories.