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reference range of ALT is <40 u/l

reference range of AST is <35 u/l

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Q: What are normal levels of ALT and AST?
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How do you lower your alt ast level?

How do you lower your AST and ALT levels

ALP elevated and ALT/AST normal?

probably bone related

What is the formula to determine AST ALT ratio?

The ratio of AST to ALT (AST:ALT) is calculated by dividing the AST value by the ALT value

Bile duct obstruction, cholestasis?

ALT and AST Normal to moderately increased

Cancer that has spread to the liver (metastasized)?

ALT and AST Normal or slightly increased

If you have elevated levels of AST and ALT from alchol if you reduce drinking can the levels be reduced?

yes the levels can be reduced with reduced intake of alcohal

What are normal lft levels?

A normal Liver count is one. If you have more than one, you might want to check that out...

ALT and AST thoughts?

levels will come down pretty quickly from acute issues as the hepatocytes repair themselves....ALT usually higher in pathologies due to its specificity.....AST usually higher in alcoholic though ( did it to yourself)...

When tests are done on your blood and the results show high levels in your liver what does that mean?

alt=128 ast=97

What does a low ast mean?

AST stands for aspartate aminotransferase, which is an enzyme. It is normal to have a low level of AST in the blood. AST levels become elevated when there is damage or disease to an organ.

What are the homeopathic remedies to lower AST and ALT?

AST is another name for SGOT and ALT is another name for SGPT.The reference range of AST is 15-41 IU/L and that of ALT is 14-54IU/LThere is no specific medicine in homeopathy for lowering AST and ALT but there are medicines which improves liver functions.

ALT and AST > ALP?