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Changing Diamond Stud SettingsMany, different medals, yg, wg, plat. Bezel set,prong set, martini set(3),4 or 6 prongs. high or low, filigree in between prongs. many options for any size or shape diamonds. Guardian post & back is best if you don't want to lose earrings. you can even mount in a french wire dangle.
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There are a number of different options that you can choose from. The prong setting holds the diamond with 3 or more prongs which allows the diamond to show more. The bazel setting holds the diamond with a metal band that surrounds the stone. The martini-style setting is shaped like a cone, and the V-shape resembles a martini glass. The crown-style setting is made with a flat bottom, but the construction is more solid, as they are made with more metal.

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How many setting for a diamond jewelry?

There are too many possible settings for a diamond in jewellery to list. A few categories include rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, broaches, watches, and so forth.

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Diamond Earrings are a Great Wardrobe Staple in Bold and Classic Designs?

Diamond earrings are an enduring trend, though the styles may change slightly each year. From catalogs to your favorite department stores, and from specialty boutiques to vintage antique dealers, there are different styles of diamond earrings available everywhere. This year, some of the greatest fashions in diamond earrings will have you either going big and bold or classy and simple. Many of the latest styles in diamond earrings are designed to be eye-catching and to maximize sparkle. Chandelier earrings comprised of multiple diamonds and sometimes even other gemstones or pearls are a popular offering this year, and work well for many occasions. You can wear these earrings for a special night out on the town with an evening dress, or even with a pair of jeans and your favorite cardigan sweater to dress up your Saturday afternoon. There are also dangling diamond earrings which may include a simple chain with a brilliant gemstone attached or other unique shapes. If you want your earrings to be noticed and to be a centerpiece of your outfit, choose bold diamond earrings. For those who prefer a more understated look that speaks to a classic style, simple diamond earrings or studs may be the best choice. Diamond studs come in many different sizes, and are a perfect way to complement any outfit. These subdued yet stunning earrings are often great for everyday wear, and can transition across many outfits in your wardrobe. For the woman who seeks versatility and ease from her jewelry, simple diamond earrings are a great fashion staple. You'll also find diamond earrings in many price ranges in this category, so that it's easy to fit your budget. The toughest choice you'll have to make is whether you want white gold or yellow gold in the setting. Whether you're interested in a flashy and flamboyant fashion style, or a classic and convenient choice, diamond earrings can provide the options you need every day. Many women will choose to have a couple pairs of each style of diamond earrings in their jewelry boxes, as you can always count on diamonds to stay in style.

How do you make diamond earrings shine?

Your earrings may need cleaning. You can clean diamonds by soaking them in warm, soapy water to loosen the dirt, then you may brush them carefully to remove the dirt, taking care not to loosen the diamond in the setting, and rinsing them under running water. Alternatively, you can blast the jewelery with forceful steam to clean them. NB: Harsh chemicals may affect the metal in the setting.

For diamond jewelry is pave or prong setting best?

Pave and Prong Settings are Both best for Rings, Prong could be Effectively used in Rings, and Pave setting could be used in necklaces, Earrings, Bangles, etcFor more information : My Bio Page (

What is the difference between a solitaire diamond and a normal diamond ring?

Solitaire is a style of setting for a ring: it provides one setting for a single gemstone. A 'normal diamond ring' can be any kind of diamond ring setting. A diamond is a diamond, regardless of its ring setting.

What is the average price for diamond stud earrings?

Cost of diamond stud earrings can vary widely. Factors include color, cut, and clarity of the diamond, size of the diamond, and obviously where the diamond is purchased. The type of setting also factors in to the cost.

What is a called when a Diamond is in a setting by itself?

A solo diamond setting is called a solitaire.

Is pave a type of diamond?

No it is not a diamond but it is a type of setting where accent diamonds are set closely together for a diamond-encrusted look. The setting can simply be a band with a pave setting or a single stone with a pave setting on the sides.

What items can be made from topaz?

Topaz is suitable for setting as a ring, pendant, or earrings.

Can a diamond that is mounted in an earring be mounted in a ring?

honestly it depends on the cut of the diamond. Sometimes diamond rings are cut to fit diamonds and earrings are mounted different. If its a big diamond it can be cut smaller to fit.Another AnswerAny diamond can be mounted in any setting the buyer wants it in. Cutting down a diamond to fit into a piece of jewelery would be a waste of value, because the diamond would be smaller after cutting it down, and thus worth less.

How do you set a diamond?

How you set a diamond depends on the type of setting. The most common type of setting is a prong setting which is set by cutting tiny grooves on the inside of the prong. The edge of the diamond will sit in these grooves. The prongs are then squeezed against the diamond to hold it in place.

What is a ring setting?

A setting is the part of a ring that holds a stone. There are different kinds: Bar, Channel, Pave, Prong, and Tiffany settings (a prong setting with six prongs), among others. A jeweler can show you more.

What is the setting for a diamond?

Any setting is appropriate for a diamond, depending on what the jewelry designer includes in the design. Uniformly, however, the setting must be secure for the stone, because of its value.

The diamond necklace setting?


What setting is best for a diamonds?

'Best' is a judgement, and you are the judge. Setting a diamond is motivated by the quality of the diamond. Your jeweler can best answer this question once you've chosen the diamond and decided how it will be worn.

What is the ring setting called when a smaller diamond is set under a larger diamond to increase the sparkle?

There must be a ways to place a Smaller diamond under the larger diamond, may be they must be using same setting or 2 different settings, but there is no specific setting for placing smaller under larger diamond. If any one come across the name of such setting please let me know.

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What are your options for transforming a half-carat three diamond promise ring set in white gold into something other than a ring?

Changing a Ring Into Something Elsea three stone pendant would be nice PENDANT SETTING EXAMPLEAbsolutely, a pendant is beautiful, I have an image of a pendant which we made using three smaller stones than yours and it looks stunning. We have had great responses to this setting.

When is a diamond called a solitaire?

A solitaire is a single gemstone that is set into a piece of jewelry, such as a ring, earrings or a pendant. A solitaire comes in many shapes such as round, princess, oval, emerald, heart and marquise.

How many diamond setting type?

There are many ways to set a diamond or any other precious stone, depending on the cut, size and purpose of the setting. Any type of setting is designed to protect the stone and to keep the stone in the setting.

Is there a relationship between the cost of a diamond and the cost of the ring setting?

Well no not really. The cost of a diamond is usually independent of the cost of a diamond ring setting. The only relationship I can think of between these two values is when a diamond is fancy cut, has an unusual shape or is very large in size. In that case, a run of the mill ring setting may not do, and you may need to have your ring setting custom made in order to accommodate an unusual diamond.

Can you recycle diamond?

Yes. You can re-set a diamond into another setting, and in this sense it is recyclable.

What does an invisible setting do to a diamond ring?

An invisible setting will make the diamond look larger in the ring than it really is. The invisible setting technique was developed in France more than two centuries ago.