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What are other names for palomino?


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There are no other names for Palomino. Palomino is a Gold colored Horse with a white Mane (hair) and tail.

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Sandy Star Cornflake Lady Muffin (if its fat) (if you can think of any other names add them to the list pls ^_^)

Since palomino is a color, a palomino can weigh as much as any other type of horse.

Palomino horses? Anything that other horses eat!

The easiest way to breed a palomino is to cross a chestnut with a cremello. A Palomino will result every time. A palomino is a chestnut horse with a dilution that turns the chestnut to gold. You have a 50% chance of palomino when breeding a chestnut to a palomino. You have much smaller chance breeding a bay or other colored horse to a palomino. You have a 50% chance of palomino breeding a bay to a cremello.

There is no such thing as a palomino horse. Palomino is a color.

Goldilocks That winning look the way I do Money Honey

You can breed several colors to get a palomino. Including Chestnut and cremello, palomino and chestnut, palomino and cremello. Those are the three basic ways to get a palomino colored horse.

Palomino is a breed of horse.

this is Palomino piebald

A palomino is a type of horse

Palomino is a color, not a breed. A horses color doesn't really affect the way a foal is born. This menas that a palomino colored foal is born in the same way that a foal of any other color would be.

Palomino is not a breed. Palomino is a COLOR. Just like paint horses are not a breed, they are a COLOR. Palomino can be found in most but not all breeds of horses.

Palomino is a denomination of a color, not a breed, because you can find peruvian horses that are palomino colored, or quarter mile horses that are palomino colored, etc

A palomino is not a breed of horse it is the colorartion of it. A palomino has a golden body and a white mane and tail. The weight of a palomino horse can vary. I personally own a palomino quarter horse mare and she weighs in at about 1300 pounds.

Palomino is a color, and almost every breed can have palomino, so you may have a 2ft palomino mini horse, while you can also have a 20hh draft horse. Palomino horses can get up to 16 hands.

Palomino is a color, not a breed, any horse that contains the dilution gene can produce a palomino. Therefore there are not specific ways that a palomino colored horse would protect itself that are different from horses of any other color. All horses will run, kick, bite, and crush an enemy if they have to.

Emilio Palomino was born in 1880.

Luis Palomino was born in 1980.

Antonio Palomino died in 1726.

Antonio Palomino was born in 1653.

The very short answer is, No. A palomino horse is no different than any other horse. A palomino gets the name from the color of its' coat - it is not a breed, not like Arab or Quarter-Horse. A palomino colored horse can be registered as Palomino, but it is still just a registration of color, not breed. Of course, any time you are dealing with any animal that has a typical adult weight of well over 1000+ pounds, some smaller animal and even humans will eventually get stepped on accidentally. But are they a threat or

It depends on the genetics of the horse. You can have anything from a palomino miniature to a palomino draft. Remember palomino is a color not a breed.

palomino Spanish: from palomino 'squab', 'young pigeon', a derivative of paloma 'dove'. Source:

Palomino is a color and not a true breed! the palomino color has been around since ancient times.

The Palomino registry is a color registry. The horse must be the correct color to be registered with the breed. A horse can be a palomino and not a member of the breed, but the breed has only palomino colored horses in it. Palomino is a breed and a color although it is most often used as the color for example i have a Palomino Dun Appaloosa

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