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Paper airplanes are made from paper.

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2009-08-21 03:52:37
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Q: What are paper airplanes made from?
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Does a paper plane made out of copy paper fly further than a plane made out of construction paper?

construction paper airplanes fly further

How many designs of paper airplanes are there?

Well, if you want a certain TYPE of paper airplanes, and how many are there of that type, ask that. There is no real answer. A paper airplane is probably being made right now!

Who made the first paper plane?

The earliest reference to paper airplanes I know is that Jack Northrop used paper airplanes in the 1930's to help in his ideas for flying wing airplanes.I believe that I can extend your history of paper airplanes back to at least 1908-1909.

Michelle made some paper airplanes. what is the verb in this sentence?

A verb is an action word, something you can do. You can't Michelle, you can't some, you can't paper and you can't airplanes, but you can make things. "Made" is the verb.

The first forms of man-made flying objects were?

paper airplanes, definatley!

How many paper airplanes are there known to man?

There is no limit. There are books showing hundreds that have been made, but these show only a fraction of those known to date. Contests are held to develop paper airplanes to exceed limits previously achieved, so new ones are regularly made. No one can list the many millions of paper airplanes made to date.

Where can you recycle paper?

Make paper airplanes...

Where were paper airplanes invented?

airplanes were invented in the united states

What makes paper airplanes fly?

Lift makes paper airplanes fly, just as it does real planes.magic

What percentage of Americans know how to make paper airplanes?

99.999% of Americans know how to make paper airplanes

What did the Wright brothers do for liveing?

made paper airplanes and was so engerneeric that they built the first airplane

How many types of paper airplanes are there?

There is no limit. Invent your own and get famous.There are many types of paper airplanes you can make them different the answer above is good but If you want to know different types of airplanes then you can look them up.But there are many types of paper airplanes

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