What are pencil eraser uses?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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three uses of an eraser is a white board eraser a pencil eraser and a black board eraser

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To remove pencil, go on pencils,and to throw

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Q: What are pencil eraser uses?
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What word is right pencil eraser or eraser pencil?

pencil earser

In which part of the pencil are metallic bonds found?

The end of the pencil were the eraser is.

A pencil and an eraser together cost 2.00 The eraser costs 1.50 more than the pencil How much does the eraser cost?


Is A pencil easier to balance on its sharp tip or on its eraser?

A Pencil is easier to balance on it's eraser because the eraser has a more flater surface.

How long is a mechanical pencil eraser in inches?

A mechanical pencil or propelling pencil is a pencil with a replaceable and mechanically extendable pencil lead.The eraser is fitted on top of the pencil at the opposite end to the lead.The maximum length of the eraser would be no more than half an inch when new.

What is un gomme in English?

an a pencil eraser

Is a pencil stronger than an eraser?

no it is not. if you touch a pencil it will break.

What is a bad insulater?

a pencil eraser

Will you die from chewing on a pencil eraser?


Do we roll or slide the eraser to remove the pencil work from our notebook?

Well we use the eraser to erase our all the pencil mistakes we have done.

Can a pencil marking erase more than a color pencil?

if you have a good eraser yes. a good eraser will erase a lot of the colored pencil, but it will erase all of the normal pencil. it also depends on how dark the mark is.

What is the eraser made out of?

Eraser is made out of rubber.Erase pencil or dry erase marker. Depends.